Enjoying the Last Few Days of Sunshine...

Hey Guys, 

As September draws to a close, I am squeezing in my final Summer Lookbook before all the Autumn/Winter posts start to creep in. 

I am not a regular online shopper, but when I do, I go hard! I hit up one of my favs, Boohoo.com and placed a £90 order! (eek). I will be gradually showing you what I picked up through a series of fashion posts, showing you each item and how I styled it. 

First up: The Red Dress...

JewelleryBox.co.uk: Karma Moments Launch*

Hey Guys,

I was recently invited by the lovely Gemma at Jewellery Box UK, to attend the launch event for the new Karma Moments range. 

St Andrews, Scotland - Chocolate, Cathedrals and Charity Shops!

Hey Guys,

How are ya doing today? I thought I'd hit you with another photo diary from my time in Scotland! I had a really great time with my Canon 500D, learning how to create pretty images. I am still learning but hey ho, I hope you enjoy!

*SPOILER* I didn't find myself a Prince to marry, but I did have some amazing gelato -you win some, you lose some!

6 Kids Films That You Need to Watch

Hey Guys,

As the autumn and winter months slowly creep up on us, I am starting to think of all the ways I can get cosy. One way, for me, is to reminisce with all of my film childhood classics. From musicals to Matilda, wizards to Disney, there're plenty to get though! 
However, this list is to inspire! I have thought about some films that you may have overlooked when growing up and I encourage you to rewind and revisit, because they were some of my favs!

A Little Place Called Crail...

Hey Guys,

Here is the third instalment of my Scottish Adventure series! What have you missed so far? Well I wrote about my experience at Stirling Castle and my time at the LUSH Spa, Edinburgh which you can read here.
Today I will be taking you on a little journey through the Scottish fields to a little town called Crail. I spent the day with my best friend and her grandmother (the best tour guide in Scotland!) She took us to have a quick peek at cute Crail, before heading up to Anstruther for the "best fish and chips in Britain"!
Have a look for yourself...

LUSH Spa Nights - Edinburgh

Hey Guys,

Welcome to the second instalment of my Scotland Adventure Diaries! I hope you enjoyed the Stirling Castle post. Today's post will be about my AMAZING experience at the LUSH Spa, Edinburgh

Stirling Castle: A Photo Diary

Hey Guys,

I recently found myself in a place I had never stepped foot in before... a magical, beautiful, windy place...

Bravura Skincare, Full Round Up*

Hey Guys, 

Let's talk skincare! I have spoken about my fluctuating skin problems on my blog before. I have recently been experiencing a range of problems that had never been an issue for me before; from sub-clinical acne to enlarged pores, it was almost as if my skin was finally hitting puberty (which it had previously skipped!) For those of us who have suffered from "problem skin", you understand how much it can affect everyday life- confidence and so on... as an actor who is trying to get into film and TV, problem skin can even affect my ability to do my job! 
I have been trying SO many different products, some of which I have bought myself and some of which I have been kindly gifted by brands. My latest venture comes in the form of these colourful, matte-glass bottles from Bravura London
Bravura London officially began  in 2003 by Amanda, who has since put together an incredible line of "at-home" acid skin peels as well as toners and cleansers that are used by many, including some well know celebs (Charlotte Crosby, Ed Sheeran and Sam Faires)! 

"Bravura London. (Pronounced BRA-VIEW-RA) is dedicated to supplying the best quality, effective cosmeceutical skincare products at very realistic prices." -http://www.bravuralondon.com/pages/about-us
Do not let the words "Acid Peel" put you off at all! I was initially extremely anxious to try something I thought was a procedure only to be conducted in the safety of a salon! However, with a bit of research and a better knowledge, I feel like I am fully equipped and ready to handle the responsibility of using these products and I would love to talk you through my own routine to hopefully inform and inspire you for your own skin-care journey

House Of Wonderland: Jewellery Club Subscription Box*

Hey Guys,

I hope you are well! This post is a 'lil sneek peek into the wonderful, Edinburgh-based company House Of Wonderland and their new Subscription Box; "Jewellery Club. Let's delve inside and check out what cute things you can find in-box for August! 

1. Wooden Mountains Necklace! This is a super cute, lightweight, wooden necklace on a silver chain. The mountains are 4.5cm high and 6cm wide. The chain is 20cm (from clasp to mountain). The neutral colours means that styling this necklace will be effortless. It will make a great statement piece with a fairly simple top or dress for a casual outfit. 

2. Set of 2 Earrings; Teepee, Sleepy Bear and an "Adventurer" Pin. The dangly bear earrings are 2.5cm wide and 2cm high. The teepee studs are similar in size. I think the bears will look fab with a turtle neck top and tied up hair. I can't wait to style them! 
The Adventurer Pin is 3.5cm tall and 3cm wide. I can't wait to style this pin on my denim jacket or on some of my dungarees. 

3. Rockin Temporary Tattoos in some cute, thematic designs. These faux tat's brilliantly match the designs of the jewellery. I am not really a temporary tattoo wearer, but I may try one or two with my 11 year old sister. I think she will love these!

I am going to style these up and take some more pictures for a fashion post! So make sure you come back to see that!
Which piece is your favourite? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter 

Eb x