Gothic Midtown: Pop Up Cocktail Bar

Hey Guys,

Trick or Treat? 

Well, I certainly have a treat for you, and it comes in the form of an awesome pop-up, Hallo-tastic bar in the heart of London! 

CO-ORDS with Jordyn Woods X

Hey Guys,

I recently discovered that have partnered with the wonderful Jordyn Woods for an amazing clothing line.

DUSTY GIRLS | Mineral Make-Up

Hey Guys,

I was recently contacted by the lovely team behind Dusty Girlsan Australian make up brand, to try and review some products (exciting!!). I was gifted the Dusty Girls bronzerloose powder and tinted cream
I was excited to try these products as they are designed specifically for people with sensitive skin and/or frequent breakouts/acne. Like a lot of people, I suffer with the odd spout of breakouts and I love to find products that may help with the control of my skin problems. 

East London: Vintage Warehouses and Pop-Up Restaurants

Hey Guys,

I recently head East, towards (arguably) the most hipster part of London- Shoreditch. I was on a big hunt! Not your average hunt... No, I wasn't clutching a Pokeball in hopes of catching a Pikachu, I was clutching a ten pound note, in the hopes of catching a bargain! 

I brought along my friend Shermin for my first Thrift Warehouse experience courtesy of The East End Thrift Store

Chic Halloween Styling with

Hey Guys, 

As the spoookkaayyy season approaches, I of course had to do some type of Halloween styling post. However, as the title suggests, this isn't your average full-frontal costume post. I have decided to take an everyday brand like, and style some items into a subtle, sexy, sophisticated, sultry, stylish (alll the S's) outfit for a more toned down look that doesn't screaamm HORROR, GUTS and GORE!
I have modelled this style off Morticia Addams (of The Addams Family) and hope you find that this is a more wearable 'costume' for all you glam gals out there! 

Wardrobe Refresh: Donating My Clothes to Charity with +TRAID

Hey Guys,

So I recently partnered up with and TRAID to have a bit of a wardrobe refresh by donating a ton of my unworn clothing to charity and getting a brand new outfit from Boohoo! With Autumn/Winter fashion season here, what could be better than to donate some unworn clothes to make room for some great new pieces!

(Keep reading for a link to my Wardrobe Refresh YouTube Video!)

Occasion Wear with Joanie Clothing

Hey Guys,

As the festive season approaches, so does the need for a cute party frock! From work do's to family dinners, the end of the year always calls for a fully stocked glam department! Joanie's got you covered...
 Joanie is a brand new vintage-inspired clothing company that sell gorgeous dresses and other pieces for 'nostalgic souls'. I got the opportunity to choose a fabulous item from their first ever look-book so here's what I picked....

RUSH Salon, West Hampstead*

Hey Guys,

I was recently invited down to RUSH Salon, West Hampstead for a complementary hair cut and blow dry. This was super exciting as I very rarely have a chance to get my hair done professionally, so of course I responded a big, fat YES! 
Now, it is worth noting here, that I have a huggee phobia of getting my hair cut due to a couple of my extremely traumatic past hairdresser experiences. But I will get onto that a little bit later...

Street Style: Thigh High Boots

Hey Guys,

As promised, here is another instalment of my Boohoo Haul styling posts. This time: Thigh-High Boots!
I don't know if you're familiar with my blog name, but EBONI + IVORY stands for a few things. EBONI is my name and is a different way to spell Ebony, which is a black wood. IVORY is a colour close to white, therefore EBONI + IVORY, in its simplest form, is black and white; contrast and opposites that work well in unison. It also represents me, as my race is a mix of black (Jamaican) and white (Dutch). 
Most importantly, it is the idea that as women, we can be so many different, and total opposite versions of what a "woman" is perceived to be. For me, there are days where I feel totally beautiful, girly and chic in pinks and nudes and other days where I am completely the opposite in casual slouchy attire or head to toe black! And that's great

Here, I have styled an urban-chic outfit that completely contrasts my first Boohoo Haul post here.  

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Things that make me go "YAASS" Part 2!

Hey Guys, 

I had a really fun time putting together my last "Things that make me go YAASS" post (here), so I thought I would bring it back and hopefully you get just as much entertainment from it as I do! 

Let's go... again!

YESSTYLE- The Korean Beauty Blogger Box

Hey Guys,

I was recently sent this awesome new blogger box by Korean brand "YESSTYLE". I was super intrigued about what would come in the box, and I'm sure you are too! This box is put together exclusively for Bloggers, but all of the products included are available to purchase as separate items. 

As most beauty subscription boxes go, they are a bit of a gamble and there was bound to be something I'm not going to like or find a use for. So here is my honest round up of all the 10 products included in the September box including a couple of cheeky swatches!

Enjoy x