25 Things to do before you turn 25

25 Things to do before you turn 25

Hey Guys,

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meee, Happy Birthday to me!

I hope you had an amazing New Years Eve and New Years Day! 

If you didn't guess by the awkward solo song I started with, today is my birthday! I turn 25 (EEK-still don't even feel 21!) so I decided to put together this fun list of things to do before you turn 25... I know I will have definitely missed lots off so let me know in the comments if you think of any more!

25 Things to do before you turn 25!

1. Travel Solo
2. Have mini breakdown (and recovery)
3. Have at least 5 bad dates
4. Discover your hangover secret
5. Choose a night in over a night out

6. Perfect your makeup routine
7. Stay out all night
8. Get lost in another country
9. Have a YOLO moment
10. Go to a music festival

11. Learn how to cook a handful of 'proper' dishes
12. Bake a cake
13. Vote
14. Sleep outdoors
15. Treat yourself

16. Learn to be alone
17. Hear a "young person" use slang and have to ask... "sorry, what?"
18. Make your first "big purchase" - TV, bed, phone contract? 
19. Fall in love
20. Fall out of love

21. Host a grown up dinner party/house party
22. Go on holiday with a significant other
23. Volunteer your time to a charitable cause
24. Start a Blog ;)
25. Don't freak out!

Eb x

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