14 Things To Do This Valentine's Day

14 Things To Do This Valentine's Day

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

Hey Guys,

I hope you haven't clicked here expecting a long, tedious (and probably overdone) list of "things to do with your significant other this v.day" because...

I’m single! 

Have been for four years... (though we'll just brush over that quickly...) And I’m sure Valentine’s Day was created to make single people feel just that bit more single (and couples feel a little more anxious of relationship expectations!)

But no worries, this Valentine’s Day post was tailored especially for you single guys and (especially) gals out there who, like me, are gonna take a day of loving your “special someone” into a day (make that lifetime) of loving yourself!

And while I haven’t got all the answers to your singledom (trust me if I knew how to find my significant other this whole rant would be redundant).... I do have 14 cute ways to treat yourself this Feb 14th!

So, grab yourself some candy canes ,throw them in the air like confetti, and be your own Glenn Coco! You go Glenn Coco! 


Image of Eboni laughing and spinning around in the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

14 Things To Do This Valentine's Day

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

1. Chocolate! Hot, cold, dark, white – Get some chocolate! 
We all know that a bit of chocolate brightens any day! I recently experimented with making a European-style thick hot milk chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. I may try making a white chocolate one next! Yummy!

2. Try a new make-up or hair look 
Who doesn't love a good YouTube tutorial? Find one you've been admiring a give yourself a new vibe. Getting creative with your make up and hair will give you a little boost for the day and hopefully inspire lots of confidence!
P.S. If you're looking for some hair inspiration, I have a post here with five hairstyles to try!

Image of Eboni smiling wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

3. Bake something sweet and take it into work/college/school.
(Or keep it all for yourself muaha). Get a little Mary Berry in your belly and pull up a recipe to beat all recipes and bake! You could even make them Valentines Day themed and be the office cupid -aw.
And if you do give out lots of yummy treats, it will not only make you feel good for making people happy, but I'm sure all your friends/colleagues will show their appreciation for you too.
See, baked-goods really can help spread love and joy!

Image of Eboni laughing wearing the silver "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

4. Treat yourself to a Chi Chi London Dress!*

Hopefully, by now, you have noticed the fabulous dress that I'm wearing. It was kindly gifted to me by Chi Chi London! It is my second Chi Chi dress and both make me feel so flirty, girly and gorgeous! (See my first one here).
You could treat yourself to a pretty occasion dress this Valentines Day and wear it out somewhere special or save it for your next big party!
The one I'm wearing in this post is the "Hilary Dress".

Image of the back of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

5. Expand your mind, unleash your soul, with a trip around your local museum or gallery! 
I love heading into London for a trip around a good museum. A lot of the big ones are free, so it makes for a great, inexpensive day out. And who knows- you might learn something new!
Top tip- the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington is free and full of beautifully Instagrammable marble walls!

Image of Eboni spinning and looking over her shoulder, wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

6. Take a trip away from home to a new city and explore!
If you are lucky enough to have your weekends work-free, why not book a day trip away from your home town to another local city or town? Maybe head to the coast or to a lake?
I recently took a trip to Reading with my friend Alice. It was a great way of escaping busy London and discovering new things to see and do (even if that meant spending an hour in the huggee Primark- it's insane!)

7. Try the compliment challenge.
This is another way to spread love this Valentines Day. Try giving as many genuine compliments as you can. We tried this at my work recently. As I work in a theatre, I can meet around 200 people per shift! We had to give at least 3 genuine compliments to audience members. It made me feel really great making someone feel good, and hopefully brightened that person's day!

Landscape image of the back of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

8. Get yourself some flowers to brighten your house/bedroom.
I love having plants and flowers in my home to brighten the room and make me feel happy. I often buy myself bunches now and again. I think flower arranging is fun too- it can be really therapeutic and relaxing.

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

9. Go out with your besties.

What better way to spend an evening than with your best friends having drinks or going dancing. I love going into London and finding new, quirky cocktail bars. I'd recommend The Night Jar in Old Street. It is a jazz bar with beautiful cocktails and amazing live Jazz. 

Image of Eboni laughing whilst wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

10. Stay in with your besties 
You could do some cocktail making (alcoholic and non alcoholic) stick on Bridget Jones, get into your onesie's and have a good laugh.
 Have one, two, or three! Go on! You Deserve it ;)

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

11. Make a YouTube playlist of your favourite songs and have a boogie in your living room/bedroom

(Don’t pull that face, we all do it!)

Image of Eboni sitting and laughing, wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

12. Have a pamper sesh! 
Run a beautiful, blogger-approved LUSH bath, try out a new face mask, paint your nails, buff them calluses or wax dem legs! I believe pamper sessions or self care evenings are absolutely neccesarry and this Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to have one!

Close up of the silver H&M shoes and Metallic clutch

13. Go and see a Musical or Play!
You can’t beat live theatre! I’d recommend a musical if you are stuck for choice and want something fun and uplifting! London is great for live entertainment but I'm pretty sure there are plenty of great touring productions all over the UK. 

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

14. Something random!! 

Escape game? Ping Pong? Trampolining?
There's loads of random things to do that are a lot of fun and can be a great way to spend time with friends or family! I did trampolining with my family on my birthday this year and I've played an escape game with my best friend. It's a lot of fun and gives you a break from day to day routines.

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

So there you have it! 14 things to do this Valentine's Day for us single folk! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if I missed anything off:


Eb x

Shop the Hilary Dress:

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

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