Pan Chai Restaurant, Harrods

Pan Chai Restaurant, Harrods

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This review follows on ever so beautifully from this post where I reviewed Mango Tree in Harrods. This time, I was back in Harrods, ready to yet again be overwhelmed by a taste experience at Pan Chai. 

Pan Chai is a South East Asian restaurant set in the food court of Harrods. No sense is left untouched at Pan Chai. Read about my wonderful experience...

Pan Chai is a Pan-Asian restaurant located in the Harrods Food Halls. Serving a range of fresh, Pan-Asian dishes, Pan Chai combines the best of Asian cuisine with the top class service expected at Harrods.

As I mentioned before, this restaurant is handily located just inside of Harrods Food Hall. Take a seat right by the chef's station and prepare to be wowed and entertained as they expertly slice sushi and flambĂ© fish. "The 22 marble and leather bar stools surround the open-plan kitchen so guests can witness the chefs Pan-Asian handiwork, as they freshly prepare the sushi and sashimi."

The exotic Pan-Asian flavours and vibrant presentation of Southeast Asian cuisine is showcased by Pan Chai's signature dishes, which include Harrods specials.

Kir Royal - £18.50 per glass

We started our meal the best way we knew how - with a champagne cocktail!

These Kir Royal Cocktails are perfect for all you sweet-toothed superstars who enjoy a touch of sophistication and elegance!

Fun Fact: A Kir Royal is a pre-dinner apertif made popular in France after World War II. There are a variety of Kir Royale recipes but all are made with two basic ingredients: champagne and creme de cassis (black currant liqueur).

Snow Crab Salad - £23.50
Duck and Watermelon Salad
For our starter, we were recommended to go with a salad. There are seven to choose from on the Pan Chai menu, each one as appetising as the next. 
We settled for the two above. I loved my crab salad. It was fresh, flavoursome and light - a perfect first course. I was especially surprised by the seaweed which I loved! Forget the usual crispy seaweed- this one was juicy, crunchy and delicious!

Jordan's duck and watermelon salad was something I will never forget and cannot wait to recreate (or at least try to) at home! These two flavours worked surprisingly well. I love flavour combinations such as sweet and salt or sweet and sour. So it was no surprise that the salty crispy duck and the sweet watermelon did a waltz in my mouth worthy of a 10/10 from Len Goodman!

Banzai Sushi Rolls (8 pieces) - £36.50
Lobster tempura, avocado, asparagus, spicy mayonnaise, topped with orange and black caviar, unagi sauce.

I thought I would include a few images of this Sushi Show. You can clearly see why I would refer to this dish as a show
This sushi made a full on entrance (aided by a lovely waitress). The only thing missing was some music, but I will overlook that due to how amazing it tasted! I wasn't joking when I said this meal was a feast for all the senses - and the Bazai sushi covered at least 4 of them!

The lobster was incredibly fresh and I felt spoilt by the abundance of caviar in each mouthful. The wasabi and ginger were not too overpowering (which I have come to expect after years of bad supermarket sushi). Each roll was just as good as the last and most definitely left me wanting more!

Mixed Tempura - £42.50
We accompanied the sushi with a platter of tempura seafood. The prawns were a personal favourite of mine. 
Top Tip: Ask for a little dish of the Pan Chai, signature, hand-made Plum Sauce to accompany this!

Rendand Daging (Beef Rendang) - £25.80

Lastly, we decided we couldn't leave without a taste of something from the "Noodle" and "Grill" menu sections. 

The Beef Rendang was one of the best dishes. Tender beef, full of flavour- this isn't for those with a love for delicate dishes. This beef packs a strong punch:

Slow-cooked tender beef curry with coconut milk and Awana blended herbs.
I would liken the flavours to a Caribbean dish called "Curried Goat", which is too, intensely satisfying and moorish. 

Stir Fried Seafood Noodle - £32.00
"Jumbo prawn, scallops, clams with Matcha noodles, asparagus and teriyaki sauce."

Our final dish was a yummy one. A lot more delicate in flavour compared to the curry, this noodle dish was simply great! The matcha flavour of the noodles really comes through and is complemented by the asparagus and seafood. 

I would recommend Pan Chai as a place to stop and refuel during a visit to London. If you are a sushi and tempura lover, or a lover of Asian food in general, Pan Chai should be on your to-do list!

Thank you to Pan Chai, Harrods for having us and doing such a wonderful job!

Have to ever tried Pan Asian food? Have you been to Pan Chai?

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