20 Ways To Treat Yourself!

20 Ways To Treat Yourself!

Image of Eboni smiling into a mirror holding a 7th Heaven Face Mask

Hey Guys,

With 7th Heaven celebrating the 20th Birthday of their amazingg Dead Sea Mud Mask, I was inspired to create a post all about self-love and pampering! And I'm pretty sure about half of these can be done all at once, in the same evening!

20 years on and it’s still one of our best-selling face mask across the globe! Deep cleansing Kaolin Clay is blended with a unique formulation of Crushed Dead Sea Salt, Seaweed and Lavender Oil. Skin will be nourished and soothed, leaving it feeling incredibly smooth and with a healthy glow. 

Image of Eboni smiling at the camera holding two 7th Heaven Dead Sea Masks

20 Ways To Treat Yourself

1. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.
A classic treat learnt from all those Mizz Magazines and Sabrina Secrets! Keeping on top of your nail maintenance not only makes you feel good and put together, but is excellent for your nail health in general! Regular files and trims are great, add a splash of fabulous colour and you're on to a winner!

2. Pamper evening - Bath Bombs and Face Masks
There's nothing better than a Sunday Soak in the tub with the latest LUSH bath bomb fizzing around. Take some time to yourself, light some candles and unwind! Once those pores open up, a face mask is the perfect treat for your skin (maybe even add some cucumber slices to make it legit!) 
Used weekly, mud masks optimise your daily cleansing routine to keep skin super clean and less prone to blemishes and uneven skin tone.
7th Heaven are great for a Mud Mask, however, if you're like me, and really enjoy that feeling of a peel-off mask, 7th Heaven have got ya covererd too! This Dead Sea Peel-Off Mask is just as effective as it's muddy sister (but a lil less messy!) 

3. Make a plan for the weekend

Making weekend plans early on in the week gives you something to look forward to! Whether that's a Saturday night takeaway or drinks with friends, having that "light at the end of the tunnel" can really help that week sail by.

Image of 7th Heaven Dead Sea Face Masks

4. Visit an Animal Shelter
I love, love, love dogs! Head to your nearest animal shelter and spend some much needed R&R time with the gorgeous pups and cats. My local centre is Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
By visiting Battersea Dogs and Cats home for just £2, you're not only treating yourself, but you are donating time and a small donation to a greater cause, which is amazing in itself!

5. Indulge in a 'lil TV series or movie marathon!
Ask some friends for a TV show or movie recommendation, set a few hours aside, whip up some popcorn and have a great time getting lost in a new world! I love being able to forget about my own problems for a while and invest in someone else's - Jess or Dean Rory who's it gonna be?!? :p 

6. Read an interesting and uplifting blog article
There are so many amazing, wonderful, beautiful blogs out there and whether you are a blogger looking for inspiration or a reader looking for something new, there is a blog for everyone - seriously! Have a look through some Twitter or Instagram hashtags such as #FBloggers (if you're craving some fashion inspo) or #Bbloggers (if you're after some make up advice and reviews) or if you're really not sure #BloggingGals and #TheGirlGang are perfect! 

Image of Eboni laughing at the mirror whilst holding cucumber up to her eyes

7. Buy a seriously decadent treat
You know what I'm talking about - the goooood stuff! 
I'm not gonna sit here and preach chocolate bars to you. You know what you like, go get it tiger!

8. Pretend to be a tourist in your local area
Leave your everyday cares behind and walk around the park or museums etc, as though it’s the first time you have ever visited. You're sure to stumble across something new! A lot of places in the UK have lot's of pop up things for different seasons to explore. I love London in the Summer and Winter for all the themed pop-up activities! 

9. Buy yourself a new outfit...
...or at least a new accessory!
Online shopping - the best and probably the worst thing to happen to the internet! It's so easy to get lost in the sale section of Boohoo or ASOS Marketplace. If you've been good with your cash and can spare a 'lil sumn' sumn' , have a peek in some shops or online for a new treat to spice up your wardrobe! And if you are on a tight budget, visit thrift stores or charity shops. My fav is the East London Thrift Store.

Eboni peeling a corner of the 7th Heaven Dead Sea Face Mask

10. Do something nice for someone else
It's mutually rewarding! When we carry out random acts of kindness, we feel a warm glow inside. 
Buy your co-workers a sweet treat, buy a copy of Big Issue, donate to someone's Go Fund Me or Kickstarter, promote another blogger on your Twitter page or simply cook dinner for a loved one.

11. Give yourself the gift of learning something new
Stimulate your brain by reading or hearing about a totally new topic. I love using the Duoingo app! It's free to use and you can learn a whole new language within a few months! It's also super fun to play all the little games! 
Or maybe you've always wanted to know how to knit or sew? How about brushing up on your photography skills? There's a YouTube tutorial for everything these days!

12. Learn how to cook a new dish 
This is a fun one that can be combined with number 10! What's your favourite meal to eat out? Do you think you could recreate it at home? 
Home-style Nando's anyone? hehe!

13. Have an early night, just because you feel like it 
Put off the chores, errands and to-do lists until tomorrow, and just get into bed with a good book or film. We all deserve that from time to time.

14. Take a nap
So many of us are sleep-deprived, so 20 minutes spent napping in the afternoon may be just the refreshment you need.

15. Make yourself an uplifting playlist 
Download some of your new favs (and some oldies for good measure) and create some playlists. I love having one for "journey to work" or "before an audition" or "before bed" etc. And don't forget "before a party"! 

16. Buy some new bedlinen...
... or at least change your sheets. It will make you feel nice and relaxed at bedtime.

17. Buy your favourite flavour of ice-cream on your way home from work/school
Who says pampering and treats are for weekends only? Pop into your local supermarket and grab a tub of your fav icy treat! I love a good caramel ice-cream or I could also opt for a traditional ice lolly -all depends on my mood! 
When you're home, get comfy in some pj's and chow down! And don't think you have to share, because you don't! 

18. Get rid of any clothing that doesn’t fit or flatter you, and go shopping for replacement.
I love a good clearout. It makes me feel refreshed and clears my mind! I especially love sorting through old clothes, re-living the memories attached to them (good and bad!) and donating to charity or selling online. It's a great way of making a little extra pocket money whilst clearing space of things you no longer need! 
If you haven't got time to sell or take things to the charity shop, you could invite some friends over to raid your wardrobe - after all, it's recycling!

19. Burn scented candles
Treat yourself to a scented candle. You could burn it whilst in the bath or in your bedroom curled up with a good book (or blog post!) Candles set the mood for relaxation and that's exactly what you deserve!


Eb x

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