#BHM | My Top 10 Mixed Race Bloggers

#BHM | My Top 10 Mixed Race Bloggers

I have recently been addressing some important topics on my social media and blog, such as race, diversity and embracing myself. I am proud to be one of the few curly-haired, mixed race Bloggers/YouTubers. 
When I first started blogging back in March 2016, I would straighten my hair for blog shoots and try to westernise my appearance in order to fit in with the beautiful, swishy-haired bloggers I had come to know. 
Within the past year, I decided enough was enough, I wanted to embrace my afro-heritage more than ever. This was one of the best and most significant moments of my life. 
With Black History Month in full swing, I thought this was a great time to share with you the mixed-race women who inspire me:

My Top 10 Mixed Race Bloggers

This Essex-born beauty oozes confidence and style as second nature. I love keeping up to date with Charnelle via Instagram (especially when it's filled with her holiday snaps!)

When I think of Elie, I think of her beautiful freckles, enviable travel snaps and amazing selfies! This London gal writes super thoughtful blog posts, complimented by an amazing lifestyle/beauty/fashion Instagram feed. 

Goodness, I love this woman! I only discovered Courtney this year, but I must have scrolled through at least 2 years worth of photos on her STUNNING Instagram timeline. Whether I am watching her Instastories coverage of NYFW or lusting after her beautiful dresses, this ray of American sunshine makes me ashamed of the black in my wardrobe!

Samantha is a brilliant YouTuber, Fashion Blogger, Mother and Wife! I am constantly lusting after her effortless expertise when it comes to styling her home and her collected, calm, chatty videos. 

I found Ghenet's account through other Blogger's pages, and I am so glad I did! This smily beauty oozes so much style and happiness. I love her perfect ratio of fashion pics, to cat pics, to food flat lays on Instagram!

Lesley has a huggee following on Instagram and it's not hard to see why. I find it hard to scroll through her feed without feeling inspired. 

7. Kumbearxo

Kumba is not only an amazing blogger, but a lovely person too! She puts together such easy, wearable outfits and takes a mean interior shot too ;) If you are looking for things to see and do in Scotland, head straight to her blog, she has you covered! 

Ahh this girl! Eva is one of the most beautiful people I have ever *not yet* met, on the inside and out. I liivvee for her chatty Instastories and look forward to her YouTube videos. Although we haven't known each other for very long, she is so supportive of me and I appreciate it so so much!
P.S. This girl rocks a baker boy hat like no one else! 

Nikita rocks the stylish street style perfectly. Her Instagram aesthetic is gorgeously curated in a minimalist style. She deserves way more followers!

This beautiful, Belgian influencer has only recently crossed my path but I fell instantly in love with her feed. Sainabou loves to travel and her pictures show it! I can't wait to see what is coming next...!


I'm sure you'll agree, these gorgeous gals create some amazing content. Give these wonderful women a follow! If I have missed anyone out, please send their blogs/Instagram's/YT Channels my way so we can continue the support!

Eb x

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