A Unique Christmas Meal with Mango Tree, London

A Unique Christmas Meal with Mango Tree, London

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I'm sure we can all agree on the importance of good food this festive season. I am no stranger to "eating outside the box" and love experimenting with new foods. Mango Tree never fails to impress me with their unique twist on traditional Thai cuisine. I last visited Mango Tree in Harrods and wrote all about my incredible experience. Today, I am bringing you all the tasty deets from the Mango Tree Christmas Menu
"Our Festive menu launches this week! We are offering an exciting pan-Asian alternative to traditional Christmas dining with an extensive and diverse menu."

This time, I head to the flagship restaurant, set amongst the beautiful white pillar houses of Belgravia. We ate just a stones throw from Buckingham Palace (the Queen was dining in good company!)
We were presented with dishes carefully curated to form the Christmas set menu. We dined from the "meat" menu (a combination of turkey, chicken, seafood and beef). However, there is also a vegetarian option too which can be adapted to be vegan!

To kick off the festive feast of dreams, we were presented with a platter of delicious starters:

Por pia ka prao kai 
Mince chicken with chilli and Thai basil spring roll 
Goong yai yang 
Grilled king prawn with chilli and lime truffle sauce 
Puff kai nguang 
Honey glazed puff filled with roasted turkey 
Yum ma maung 
Thai classical salad of green mango tossed in lime and chilli dressing

My favourite bites from the starter selection were the Puff kai nguang. The sauce the turkey sat in was incredibly reminiscent of the flavours in a lamb Jamaican patty (my fav) - so tasty!

My dreamy cocktail arrived during the starters. I opted for something sweet, with tropical flavours:
"Havana blanco rum, fresh pineapple, pineapple juice, coconut cream, double cream"
The Mango Colada was exactly what I needed. Made inside a real pineapple, this cocktail has very quickly risen to one of my top 3 favourite cocktails, ever!

After indulging in a fine array of smaller pieces, it was time to bring in the big boys, and boy were they big!
The main course arrived on 5 large plates. As both me and my guest were eating from the meat menu, the courses were all served on shared plates where we could help ourselves. I loved this idea as it felt like a Christmassy, communal atmosphere where the table is filled with food and we could help ourselves to our favourite bits. I enjoyed having control of my portion sizes. 

Mee ka ti Thai 
Vermicelli rice noodles cooked in coconut milk and stir-fried with red bean curd, chives and bean sprouts

Panang pla salmon 
Rich and creamy red curry with salmon fillet, coconut milk and selection of Thai herbs

Goong pad kratiem with kalum dow 
Stir-fried prawns with garlic, black pepper and brussels sprouts

Neur Toon Samunprai 

Slow cooked short ribs in Thai five spices, topped with clementine and homemade sauce (Additional £28 per portion)

Kai ngaung ob Thai berry sauce 

Roasted turkey marinated in a perfect blend of authentic Thai herbs topped with...

... homemade mixed berry sauce

All served with this plate of greens and steamed jasmine rice.

These dishes were beautifully presented and tasted just as good as they looked. It was a fantastic selection of flavours that were so different from one another, yet each one complemented the next. My highlights were the salmon fillet in a gorgeous creamy sauce and the succulent slow cooked short ribs which melted in my mouth. 

Although the abundance of food thus far left us struggling for belly room, we made sure we left just a little bit of space for dessert:
Berry brownie 
Mixed berries panna cotta with chocolate brownies and mildly custard

This light, fruity dessert was exactly what we needed after such a heavy main course. There was just a hint of chocolate in the form of brownies, which were paired perfectly with a fresh and creamy berry panna cotta and custard. This was something I wouldn't usually order from a menu, but absolutely loved!

If you liked the sound of this menu and have a desire to try something unique, make sure you head to Mango Tree this season for a wonderful experience. Not only was the food incredible, but the staff and the atmosphere were top notch. I especially loved the Christmas decor and ambiant music. 

You can view the Mango Tree meat and vegetarian Christmas menus in full here. 

Eb x

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