My New Hair Routine + Hair Care Secrets

My New Hair Routine + Hair Care Secrets

Hey Guys,

With the colder temperatures creeping in and party season fast approaching, there really isn't a better time to take care of your hair! Summer can be harsh on our hair - the extra heat and sun exposure can be so damaging. And I don't know about you, but I find that I do a lot more styling with heat tools during the summer (probably to combat the humidity and for those sexy summer dates that I didn't have)... Anyway!

I was kindly invited down to Live True Vauxhall salon to get a hair refresh. A cut followed by a blow dry is exactly what I needed to get my hair back to a healthy state!
I have super curly, mixed-race hair, that requires a knowledgeable hand to handle! Live True hooked me up with Claire from their Vauxhall branch. Claire is a curly hair genius! Seriously. She gave me heaps of tips and tricks that work well with our hair type. Keep reading to discover the secrets...

"That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secrets"

We started off with a shampoo and condition, naturally. 
Claire's first secret - shampoo the scalp first! 
Shampoo tends to cling to our hair at the middle and ends, it can be difficult to really clean and exfoliate the scalp by applying the shampoo to the hair itself. Claire says that by applying the product to the scalp, dry, no water, we can guarantee the scalp is properly washed. The shampoo will lather up as normal once you get under the water, then rinse!

Sulphate-free products used during washing:

I have been getting regular trims for the past year, however I am yet to get an actual "style" cut in. Claire was ready to take on the task and I trusted her! We took a little length from around my face to create more shape, and then cut a couple of little layers into the back to make sure that my hair had a great shape when curly and when straight!
Claire cut my hair whilst it was wet and curly. This made it easier to see the shape that my hair fell into naturally, and meant she wouldn't accidentally over cut it. Curly hair tends to spring up once dry. 

Despite having my hair blow dried at the end (as a lil treat), I loved seeing the new shape. I have been wearing my hair natural and curly recently, as opposed to straightening it. I can't wait to wash my hair at home and style it curly. 

Next, it was time to blow dry. Claire's top tip was to use a thermal hair shield. This KeraCare product not only protects your hair from the heat tools, but it also acts as a anti-humidity product for as long as it takes to wash your hair next!

Shop KeraCare Thermal Wonder here:

Claire achieved a super smooth finish using some platinum-coated hair straighteners. I love that I now have a little side swept fringe. My hair is looking and feeling healthier than ever. It is so important to get rid of the dead, split ends in order for your hair to be healthy enough to grow. My journey to long, curly hair continues!

Calling all curly-haired guys and gals, or those who care about their haircare, you must to head to Live True Vauxhall and demand to be seen by Claire the hair wizard! I will definitely be back to have another refresh with Claire. I hope some of you will go and experience a service with her too!

Live True London are kindly offering my readers a 25% discount on all hair services booked with the code:

"Blogger Offer"

Terms and conditions: When booking your appointment, quote ‘Blogger Offer’ to take advantage of this offer. Offer available to new clients only. Offer available with selected stylists only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. No cash value. LIVE TRUE LONDON reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


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