The Importance of Great Friendships

The Importance of Great Friendships

eboni holding a warm latte with Monica Vinader bracelet

"Friends are the family we choose"

We've all heard that quote a thousand times, and for me, it couldn't be more true...

I grew up in a small family. In fact, it was just me and my mum. Before your mind wanders off into Gilmore Girls territory, let me explain that mine and my mum's relationship hasn't always been steady ground. I love my mum to bits, but there are many ways in which we are incompatible. I think this is why I have always treasured my friendships and why I am so thankful for the wonderful people I surround myself with.

Eboni holding a latte with monica vinader bracelet

As a generally chatty, bubbly and lovely (I hope!) person, friendships have always come easily to me. As a kid my mum said I would often make friends with strangers, adults and children alike! As I have gotten older, the inevitable social anxiety has crept in just a tad. However, I love meeting new, like minded people. I find I am a great judge of character and can generally tell if I will get on with someone within the first day of meeting them. This can be a fun process, especially when you feel like you've met your new bff! 

Monica Vinader bracelet

For someone like me, who puts a large emphasis on friendships, it can be hard finding friends who care as much as I do. Do you have those friends who you love to pieces but are just a little flakey, or absent? Or those work-friends who you get on with like a house on fire during work hours, but are nowhere to be seen or heard outside of work - are we truly great friends, or are we just friends of circumstance? It can all be very political!
It's then, that really great friends become even more important - they are the ones who truly care and have time for you, as you do for them. I believe that a great friendship takes a little hard work, a bit of patience and forgiveness and most importantly, it should be easy. The ones worth having are the ones worth the effort. 

So when you do find those few people who you can trust and confide in, hold onto them, and make sure they know how much they mean to you. Because great friends are hard to come by, but mean a whole lot once you find them!

A Recipe For a Great Friend:
1. A handful of kindness
2. A sprinkle of empathy
3. A dollop of humour
4. A pinch of sass
5. A large spoonful of trust
6. And generous amount of loyalty

This post features a gorgeous bracelet that was kindly gifted to me by Monica Vinader. They have many gorgeous, luxury jewellery collections, including friendship bracelets like this one here. 
I love that the tradition of wearing friendship jewellery didn't just end in year 4 with a Claire's Accessories shared broken heart on a chain. 
Friendship bracelets make a lovely gift to show someone you care and as a beautiful reminder that you are always there. Which reminds me of another quote:

"Good friends are like stars you don't always see them but you know they are there."

Eb x

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