Unapologetically Bold

Unapologetically Bold

Eboni wearing bright red trousers and a black leather jacket

When it comes to fashion, I have had one heck of a style journey! When I look back at my style evolution, one thing can be said - though I've not always been the most stylish, my experimental nature has always existed. 
From making a necklace out of Mousetrap board game mice (true story) to leopard print and kimono tops, I have always been true to myself and worn what makes me happy. 

Eboni wearing red pretty little thing trousers and a black beret

I like to think I have learnt how to dress a little trendier over the years, but what I never lost was my passion for making a statement. Wearing colours that some would call "brave", making statements and making mistakes. Fashion should be fun and creative and an extension of you. 

Red was my favourite colour from a really young age. As I hit my teens, it was purple, or more specifically lilac. Now, as a twenty-something, my favourite colour is completely dependant on reason. E.g. Gold and dusky pink or white and grey for interiors. But it's my one true love, red, who has managed to creep back into my life in the form of trousers, dresses, lipstick, tassel earrings and berets! 
I love how powerful I feel in red!

Red represents me. My childhood, my city, my style and my power!

I have never felt the need to apologise for my style or my choice in colours, but when I wear a colour like red, it is usually a conversation starter. It often goes something like; "Wow, I love your trousers! But I could never wear them."

Why not?

Maybe people feel afraid to wear a colour that is powerful by association. I believe the answer is in how you carry yourself. Allow the colour to affect your mood and let your mood affect the world. Never apologise for being bold.

Did you read this post thinking "I love her outfit, those trousers are great, but I could never wear them myself". If so, why not?

Eb x

(All images by Justina Naravaite)

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