Decorating My Corner Space

Decorating My Corner Space

Hey Guys,

When it comes to creating a cosy living space, I tend to work section by section in my apartment. My beauty table recently went through a transformation, as well as my bedroom. 
This week I set myself the task of styling this small corner space. I was helped by the wonderful Photowall, who are an online canvas and wall-art supplier. Make sure you keep reading for a cheeky 20% discount code!

Since we're on the subject, allow me to introduce you to my newest piece of art. This abstract watercolour from Photowall blends beautifully into the cream walls of my apartment. I love the grey and yellow tones that are perfectly coordinated with my sofa cushions (just out of shot). Although the greys are quite dark, I love how calm this print feels. 

These little bits sit atop a lovely vintage writing desk with a fold away table top. I keep a lot of stationary in here such as envelopes, notebooks and pens. I actually managed to get this for free as it was being given away by one of my neighbours. My top tip for furniture hunting on a budget is to use the "freebies" section on Gumtree to see what people are getting rid of in your local area. It's a great way to recycle unwanted belongings. 
Let's take a closer look at what's sitting on top of the desk...

I love love love house plants! I have about 10 and don't think it's enough! This beauty was a thrifty find from a large Tesco who had reduced it due to a little discolouring. With a little TLC, I managed to nurse him back to a healthy green. 
(OK, this is deffo not a humble brag as I am usually terrible with plants and this plant resurrection was a complete happy accident!)

Copper is one of the home trends of the year! I love a touch of copper, and this awesome, geometric candle holder was an absolute bargain from Primark. It looks great in blog photos and adds a trendy touch to the corner. I like to weave my primark fairy lights in and out of it!

This little pot of grass is from Ikea. It is an extremely affordable, faux plant that requires no looking after! 
The glass panel terrarium was a lil TKMaxx find from last year. I love that the greenhouse vibe adds a touch of outside, inside. 

I DIY'd this white "E" from a wooden letter I picked up in Hobby Craft! I originally thought I could drill some holes into it and thread fairy lights through to create a DIY marquee letter... didn't quite get round to that step...

Photowall have so many different styles of print, from watercolours like this one, landscape photographs, old Hollywood movie icons and trendy patterns. I highly recommend you check out the site for something you may fall in love with! You can customise the print entirely from size to edging and frame. 
Photowall have kindly offered you lovely lot a 20% off discount with code:


This code will work from now until the first week of January.

I hope you find something you like! Make sure you tweet me with an image of your new print!

Eb x

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