Middle Temple - London's Hidden Historical Gem

Middle Temple - London's Hidden Historical Gem

Hey Guys, 

I was recently invited down to Middle Temple, a historical venue in the heart of London, for a tour of the beautiful building, followed by lunch. 
Here is my little photo-diary from the day...

I have always loved historical buildings. From a young age, I loved visiting castles and manor houses with my mum or for school trips. My mum probably remembers the endless questions I always had about the "olden days"! So I jumped at the opportunity to explore this fascinating and very old building! 

The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, commonly known simply as Middle Temple, is one of the four Inns of Court exclusively entitled to call their members to the English Bar as barristers.

Not only is the building and it's rooms fantastic to look at, but they each hold wonderful bits of history within the law and royal families. These stories and facts were told wonderfully by our expert tour guide who was the perfect host!

I felt extremely lucky to be visiting Middle Temple during the festive season, as the Great Hall was so beautifully decorated with a stunning 30 ft Christmas tree overlooking our lunchtime buffet.

Each room was beautifully traditional. It seemed as if nothing had changed since the men of the sixteen and seventeen hundreds roamed the corridors. And that was the appeal - the feeling of stepping back in time to experience a world as it once was. I was getting all the Doctor Who vibes!

And then it was time for lunch!...

We took to the Great Hall to live out our best Harry Potter dinner dreams! I was definitely Ron Weasley with the buffet as I piled my plate high with fish and chips!
The selection of food was enough to bring me back to Middle Temple - salads as far as the eye can see, a cheese selection and fresh cream and strawberry cake!

Thank you to Middle Temple for having me and showing me your wonderful building! If you don't see me soon, expect me in a few years for my Harry Potter themed birthday party!

Make sure you head to my YouTube channel to catch my vlog of the day. I love vlogging all my cool experiences!

Eb x

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