Winter to Spring - My Transitional Style

Winter to Spring - My Transitional Style

Winter to Spring can be the most exciting wardrobe change, if not the hardest. The weather is just as bad at making up it's mind as I am about choosing an outfit! Black or pink? Florals or faux fur? Are maxi dresses even possible in the cold? This can be a tricky time of year to navigate. But as each year passes, and I develop my own sense of style, I am finding little ways to incorporate the best of both worlds!


My Top Tips for Styling Your Transitional Wardrobe
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1. Tights under everything!

I tend to wear a lot of trousers and jeans during the colder months. My jeans are fine because they are generally either a skinny, tight-fit or a thick vintage mom-jeans style. My trousers, however, can get pretty breezy! 
I find that wearing tights under your loose-fitting trousers;
a. keep you warm 
b. make for the perfect t-shirt/blouse holder, as you can tuck your top straight into the tights, meaning no flappy, escape-y bits! It's a win, win!

2. A Warm Coat in a Pretty Shade

The newest addition to my winter coat collection comes in the form of this pretty, pastel pink puffer coat. This quilted coat caught my eye on the New Look website a month or so ago. When I recently went in-store, we met once again and after trying it on, I had to have it!
Not only is this beauty ultra warm and comfortable (it's literally like rolling out of bed and straight into another duvet) but it also screams "Spring" and all things girly, with its trendy pinky-nude shade.


3. Pink and Black

Don't be afraid to blend your two season colour palettes. I loved discovering this combination of pink and black. My style is not typically extremely pink/pastel/nude-based, so I like to throw in some darker pieces to dress down what could be described as an extremely feminine look (for example wearing a white or floral top/blouse would completely transform this outfit).
I would suggest experimenting with your bright, Spring tones by throwing in some more daring, darker shades.

4. Cute, but warm, boots

Winter boots are my new favourite season staple. See your shoe collection through to Spring by adding some fun colours. Winter is not all about the black/brown leather bootie, or fur lined Ugg boots! Try some bright pink like my River Island block-heel ankle boots. Or perhaps you prefer blue or white? Whichever you decide, your toes are sure to stay toasty and warm whilst complementing your transitional style.

5. Turtle-Neck Tops 

Smart, cute, but most importantly - warm!
Oh, I do love me a turtle-neck top! In jumper form, in dress form, in top form... I love them! I have quite the collection. In Autumn I was rocking blacks, burgundy's and browns. As winter and Christmas approached, I stuck to blacks but also incorporated some white and red. Now Spring is fast approaching, I have been playing around with some pastel shades and white as well as black for good measure (you can never go wrong with a black turtle neck!)


Well there you have it, my top 5 tips for styling your transitional wardrobe. I hope you found some, if not all of my tips interesting or helpful! Let me know in the comments what your top Winter to Spring tips are and if you will try out any of mine?

Eb x

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