10 Reasons Why I Love To Travel

10 Reasons Why I Love To Travel

Hey Guys,
After recently arriving home from a beautiful trip to Italy and with another amazing month-long adventure in America coming up, I thought I would put together this list of the reasons I love to travel. Perhaps you love to travel too and this post will reaffirm your passion. Or maybe you are a little wary or afraid to head off on an adventure, I'd love to inspire you to head somewhere new.
10 Reasons Why I Love to Travel
1. Escape my "normal" life
Of course, I am well aware that I am extremely lucky to live in one of the most vibrant, beautiful and opportunistic cities in the world - London. I love London and will always feel at home within it's safe embrace. However, I am sometimes left feeling uninspired by my familiar surroundings and a little bored or frustrated with my day-to-day life. I get itchy feet that want to explore some new pavement. Travel gives me the time to escape London and return with a fresh charge of creative battery!

2. Learn about myself
I love when I travel and am faced with difficult or new challenges that allow me to flex new social muscles and learn something about myself. Whether that's my self-control when faced with all the pizza and pasta in Italy, or my foreign language skills that are very often put to the test. I have also come across situations and people who live very different lifestyle to me, with different values. I love how I learn to deal with these situations and embrace people for who they are regardless of how differently we live our lives. 3. Different settings are inspiring
Just a change of landscape; city to country, land to sea, can have a hugely positive affect on my creative side. I get major FOMO, and would hate to think that my London life meant I would never understand what it is to live by the sea or on a farm. Travelling allows me to fulfil my desires to experience all types of living, which in turn, unlocks a part of my brain that could never be stimulated in London.
4. Weather change
Ah this is one is extremely important for health-related reasons. Vitimin D, warmth and sunshine is vital for human living in the same way it is vital for plants to thrive. I suffer mildly from weather-related depression and can sometimes feel down after facing a week of grey, rainy skies. A huge majority of people love the idea of a sunny beach holiday, whether thats to top up your tan, frolic in the sea or just have a quiet, slow paced getaway. I know I often desire a sunnier climate. I notice a huge difference in my mood and attitude because of it.
5. Meet new people
It is fun to meet new people when on your travels. Whether thats at the local bar over a few drinks or whilst staying in your hostel, really great friendships can be formed in the most unlikely of places. I think its a great idea to make friends abroad, that was you can create a network of friends all over the world who you can visit!
6. Eat new food
If you are heading to a country known for their delectable cuisine, such as Italy, Jamaica, India or Mexico, enjoying your meals will probably be one of your trip highlights. There is no better time to try something new than whilst travelling. And don't be scared to ask for a recipe or look up a dish online, that way you can bring a taste of the country back home with you!
I remember the first time I got home from Italy after three months working and living with local families, I genuinely forgot what I used to eat before going away. I ended up making a lot of coffee, pizza and pasta!7. I like flying
OK, fun fact - I actually love flying in airplanes. Not the annoying airport-y, security, waiting around, waking up at 4am bit. The take off, the cloud watching, the tiny toy town awe and appreciation for the captain after the safe-landing bit. There's something really special and humbling about being able to travel by plane.
8. New activities
There are loads of things to get stuck into whilst travelling, many of which you couldn't do at home! For example, snorkeling, sky diving, jet skiing, fishing, hiking... the list can definitely go on! I love the doing things that I couldn't at home like The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, Harry Potter World at Universal Hollywood, hiking up to Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona, seeing a Broadway show or playing the slots in Vegas. There are so many special things to do and see that can only be done once you start travelling!9. Shopping
The shoppinngggg! This one is pretty self-indulgent but I love going shopping in new places to see what is on offer! When I head to America in April, I can't wait to hit Sephora, Bath and Body Works and all the other great stores we don't have in the UK. It's also fun just to have a look around iconic places such as Rodeo Drive in LA or Bloomingdales in New York.
10. Appreciating "normal" life when I come home
And after all that travel and adventure. All those lessons learnt, food consumed and clothes bought, it is time to return home and look at where you live through fresh eyes. There really is no place like home after some time away.

Eb x
(images by Morgyn Cliff)
Shot on location at Casale Amati Country House

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