My Top 10 Favourite Scents

My Top 10 Favourite Scents

Hey Guys,

OK, so this post is probably going to make it to my top 5 weirdest blog posts... ok, top 3. However, for those of you who, like me, fall within the small percentage of the population who have super sensitive nasal passages, you will love this post. We're going to be talking all things smelly, from carpet stores, swimming pools and deodorant for men!
I know my mood can be instantly lifted or dropped with the whiff of a specific scent. I also find that a lot of my fond memories are connected to a smell, so I put a high level of importance on powerful scents. Here is my carefully curated list of my top 10 good - smelling things.

1. Carpet Shops

I told you this was going to be a weird blog post. OK, so hands up who can relate? Ever since I was a child, I have had an obsession with the smell of carpet shops. In fact, I had a few smell addictions as a kid, including carpet shops and paper money (lol)I don't know what it is, but fresh carpet really gets my nostrils going. 

2. Bakeries

From cake to bread, pastries and puff tarts, who doesn't love this smell?! There is a bread store on my bus route and when I come home from work at around 11pm, they are just starting to bake the bread for the morning. As the bus drives past, there is a sudden audible sharp intake of breath as the whole bus takes in the smell of the rising dough and crusty loaves - it's heavenly. 

3. Swimming Pools

Another childhood fav. I used to love going swimming and the smell of chlorine water reminds me of summer holiday trips to the local leisure centre with my mum and going swimming in the hotel pool on holiday. I was a total water baby. 

4. The smell of a significant other

When I'm in a relationship, the smell of my partner becomes extremely significant for me. From their deodorant to their aftershave and even the natural smell of their skin. The smell is a constant and sudden reminder of that person and it can be comforting as well as attractive! 
I'm sure this also works both ways, so I like to make sure that I smell nice for my partner. I've written about my go-to fragrances in blog posts before if you ever wondered what I smell like!

5. Fresh bed sheets

There is no other feeling (or smell) than jumping out of a shower or bath and straight into the fresh sheets of a newly made bed. I love using fragrancy washing powder to make sure I will feel fresh and cosy when I put on new sheets or clothes. 

6. Freshly washed hair

This goes for me and for other people. I love the whiff of freshly washed hair. So satisfying!

7. DisneyLand

I can't put my finger on it, but DisneyLand has a distinct smell. Perhaps its the sweet treats from the stores of Main Street that float on the air. Or the faint smell of fireworks during the evening parade, or maybe its the smell of my happiness and joy. Whatever it is, its amazing and I'm addicted. When can I go back?

8. The Circus

Unlike DisneyLand, I definitely know why I love the smell of the circus - the popcorn and candy floss!!! 
I used to love getting to go to the circus when I was younger. Whenever the big top would roll into town, my mum would treat me to a show. I loved the circus a lot, especially the sweet smell!

9. Scented Candles 

Most people probably like the smell of scented candles (I mean, that is their main function). However I don't like all scented candles. Some are a little too sweet and sickly (I'm looking at you autumnal pumpkin spiced birthday sugar cake). My nasal palette tends to lean towards more  earthy scents such as bergamot, fig and vanilla.

10. The inside of a fresh, clean minicab

So this is basically, a clean car interior with one of those smelly pine tree mirror ornaments. I remember getting minicabs with my mum as a child and I was obsessed with the car smell! I think it was a combination of the clean leather and vanilla pine tree scents.

There you have it! My top 10 favourite smells. I could have probably gone on for way longer but I think 10 was enough. 
Please let me know if you strongly agree with any of these, or if you think I have missed any from this list!

Eb x

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