An Instagram Guide to Los Angeles

An Instagram Guide to Los Angeles

I recently got back from sunny stateside. Myself and my close friend Shermin explored both coasts, through the cities of LA, Las Vegas, San Fransisco and New York. Not only did I document the entire trip through vlogs on my YouTube channel, but I also made sure to snap lots of beautiful pictures to fill up my Instagram feed!
This blog post will take you on a virtual Instagram tour of LA. I will show you some of my favourite spots alongside the posts from my Instagram!

An Instagram Guide to Los Angeles | The Most Gram-Worthy Spots!Sprinkles Cupcakes, Beverly Hills
9635 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USAHow could a sane person (or blogger) possibly walk past this wonderfully coloured building that dispenses cupcakes and not stop and take a photo?! I knew I wanted to find the Sprinkles ATM whilst in the States and it did not disappoint. Not only did I get the perfect cute image for my insta, but I got to enjoy a yummy caramel cupcake (it was delish!)

Coin Laundry
(various locations)
A coin laundry is somewhere I've always wanted to take a cute picture and luckily, they can be found in most cities around the world, so recreating this picture doesn't mean a flight out to LA (unfortunately!)
This coin laundry was found just a few blocks from Venice Beach. It had lots of natural light flooding the windows to this row of washing machines. We asked the owner if we could take a couple of snaps and she was happy for us to! I'd recommend heading in at a quiet time to avoid people in the background and weird stares!

LAMCA Lights
5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USAThis is a classic Instagram spot of LA that needs little introduction. The Urban Lights is a sculpture that can be found on the grounds of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art‎. I've seen so many pictures of bloggers posing here so I knew I wasn't going for unique creativity, but I loved picking the right outfit and finding a good pose at the exact right moment (when there weren't hundreds of other tourists lurking behind me!)
Flower Walls
(various locations)OK, so this is a bit of a vague location, but for this one, it is a case of keeping your eyes peeled and being prepared to stop! We found this wall whilst exploring the streets just off Melrose Avenue. It went perfectly with my dress from Joanie Clothing, so we took the opportunity! There are plenty of beautiful bushes to choose from all over LA!

Paul Smith, Melrose
8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USAThe pink Paul Smith wall is another iconic location for a good gram-worthy photo. It is located on Melrose Avenue and to be honest, you can't miss it! It is a huge wall painted entirely pink. Co-ordinating with this wall was easy; I picked the brightest jacket I owned! I love how sunny and "LA" this photo came out. Deffo look 100 times cooler than I am!
My top tip for this location is to beware of all the bloggers and instagrammers trying to catch their perfect shot. Also, have a lovely chat with the security guard, he's really nice and will help you bend the rules regarding where the photographer and "model" (using that term lightly here) has to stand. Legally speaking, if you are using a DSLR type camera, the photographer needs to be on the other side of a wall (iPhones are ok).

Made in LA, Melrose
Cisco Home, 8025 Melrose Avenue, Los AngelesIf the Paul Smith wall wasn't enough for you and you want another, head north to the Made in L.A. sign! Just a short walk from the pink wall, this one is just as great!

Venice Beach
Pacific Ave and Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USANot only is Venice Beach worth the journey for a beautiful day in this quirky town, but it is also full of photo opportunities! From the lifeguard towers to the infamous muscle beach, this area is sure to make some great grams.
Even when we came to take pictures under the sign you see in here, there was a full blown fashion shoot happening with cameras, lights and a crew!

In-N-Out Burger
(various locations)Talk about killing two birds with one stone, In'N'Out burger was top of my list! We don't have In'N'Out in the UK, so I was eager to get a picture here (and have a taste of the food!) Although the fries were not quite as good as I thought they'd be, my photo didn't disappoint! Whats d'ya think?
Carrera Cafe, Melrose
8251 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USAThe final destination of our whistle-stop tour is the Carrera Cafe wall. This cafe is probably most famously known for their printed coffee art (they can print photographs and logos into latte foam!) Unfortunately, I had no idea of that when I went there, so I only managed to get a couple of shots posed in front of their beautiful flower wall! I'd recommend grabbing a personalised coffee when you visit, they look insane!

There you have it! My instagram guide to LA! I managed to fit all of these visits within a couple of weeks. I am aware there are tons more that I haven't mentioned, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel and LA river, for example. That just means I will have to return to California for a second trip and create a "part 2" to this blog post doesn't it!
If you made it this far, let me know what your favourite location was and if you will be using this guide for your trip! Also, make sure you head to YouTube to check out my LA vlogs and Videos!

Eb x

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