Feeling Like a Failure Whilst Succeeding...?

Hey Guys,

I recently attended the launch of Pandora's brand new "Reflexions" range. They were kind enough to send me one of the beautiful mesh bracelets in silver. I styled it up for this blog post, whilst being inspired by the theme of 'reflection'...
As I sit here, at my computer, many topics I could reflect on spring to mind. However, one theme in particular seems to be jumping out at me. It is the feeling that I am failing, whilst technically succeeding.

Autumn Styling with M&S

This is a sponsored blog post in collaboration with M&S Fashion.

This week, I was invited by the team at M&S Fashion, to head to the Kings Road branch and have a go a styling some outfits for Autumn! I loved wizzing around the store, supermarket sweep style, grabbing the items that most stood out to me. 
Trolly in hand, I managed to pick up quite a few bits, which ended in two fab outfits perfect for the colder months! 

Have a look at what I picked up and how I styled them up...