Self-Drive Boating with Go Boat London

Self-Drive Boating with Go Boat London

Hey Guys,
I was recently able to add a new key skill to my CV - “sailor”. Okay maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but the sentiment remains the same. Coincidentally, my email from Go Boat arrived just a day after I had watched the film Adrift (and cried) luckily for me, my experience was nothing like the movie Adrift...
I was kindly invited, along with 7 of my friends, to test drive a Go Boat, at their newest branch opening - Kingston upon Thames! I am not one to turn down an adventure, so I of course arranged a trip right away.
What is Go Boat? 
"GoBoat is the fun, self-drive boating experience. You are the captain, you choose the route.
From our base locations in Paddington and Kingston, GoBoats have access to a stunning sections of London's canal and river network.
No boating experience is necessary as training will be given upon arrival and you'll be given a route map to help you navigate your way."Lady luck was on our side, as the week I chose seemed to pour with rain right up until the day we set sail, which was as sunny as a Sunday in Spain.
The experience itself starts right by the gorgeous Kingston Bridge, right opposite The Bishop. Once boarded, the “captains” received a brief, briefing session about how the boat operates, the rules of the river, the route we would take and any health and safety procedures. This sounds daunting, but I promise, it was all super easy information and most of it was common sense!
Once we got going, it took about 5 minutes to relax into the steering and get used to the tiller. After 20 minutes, we were swapping captains so we all got a go. It was a lot of fun. The sun made the day even more magical, I had a lot of fun capturing lots of pictures for this post and for Instagram.

My Top Tips for your Go Boat Adventure
Bring music - We definitely regretted not having the initiative to bring a small portable speaker. I think that would have definitely added an extra fun element to our trip.
Bring food - We may not have brought a speaker, but we did bring the most important thing - a picnic! From cheese to chicken, chocolate and cake; we had a mini feast on board! We were also able to take a couple of small cans of pre-mixed cocktails which was lovely.
Leave time to explore the area - Kingston upon Thames is such a lovely area and the weather was so wonderful, that I wish we had arrived a little earlier, so we could explore. There are a bunch of great restaurants over looking the river, as well as a shopping centre and some large local parks.
Book a nice day - I truly believe the weather made this day really fantastic. If you can, book a sunny day!Huge thank you to Go Boat for this lovely experience. Will you be going boating this summer?

Eb x

Images by Grace Kay

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