Cocktails and Canapés with VIVI, London

Cocktails and Canapés with VIVI, London

Hey Guys,
Last week, my partner and I were invited for drinks and bar bites with VIVI. VIVI is a restaurant and bar based in Centre Point, just by Tottenham Court road station - the perfect location for post-shopping catch ups and cocktails! This large bar and restaurant combo features four distinct, and beautiful, sections which they call "VIVI Zones":
VIVI Zones
"VIVI has been cleverly zoned into four key spaces; The Dining Room, The Bar, The Gallery and Liquid Lounge each bringing a different character to suit your dining requirements."
This post is centred around the bar menu and all images were taken within the Liquid Lounge area. We booked a table for 3pm (I was trying to be clever and pick a less-busy time, just after lunch and just before dinner). My plan worked! It was very quiet at this time, which I really liked! We had the entire Liquid Lounge to ourselves for about an hour, which was perfect for taking lots of pictures but also felt very intimate and peaceful.There is an extensive selection of cocktails to choose from, as well as food. As my partner doesn't drink, we opted to make all of the cocktails alcohol-free and luckily for us, the bar has a great non-alcoholic gin option, which was used as a substitute in a couple of our gin-based drinks.Our Cocktails:
The Weeping Guitar
Sweet Nothings
Virgin Pina Colada
The Seifert
These not only looked uh-mazing, but tasted really great too! My favourite was (no surprise) the virgin colada, but I also really loved the fresh, elderflower and gin based "The Weeping Guitar". The cocktail menu not only describes the drink, but it also tells you what song the cocktail is based off and which bar bite to pair it with! The cocktails (if alcohol based) range between £11-£12. The food menu had lots of small and medium bites to accompany the drinks. We picked four of our favourites to try; prawn cocktail vol au vents with avocado and caviar, crab rarebit, fish finger sandwich and coronation chicken beignet. Prices range between £5 - £7 per plate.
VIVI feels like the perfect venue for a special occasion meal or drinks. The interior is very photogenic and the menu is very much on the fancier side. The prices are reasonable for a special day and the cocktails are served with fun details such as flowers and candy floss - perfect for the 'gram! I am already planning my next visit for my best friend's birthday or an anniversary meal.
Thank you to the team at VIVI for being such wonderful hosts! You can see a short video of our time here, on my YouTube channel!
Have you ever been to VIVI?

Eb x

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