5 Ways to Enjoy Summer in London

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer in London

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So just 24 hours ago, I was laying on top of the pink lilo that floated in the newly built 10-foot swimming pool that now resides in my garden. I bought this make-shift pool for £30 last year, as a result of the scorching temperatures we were experiencing in London. However… I am now watching said-pool in my garden, being smothered by rain drops from the storm that followed the 39º, perfect weather we had yesterday!
I think that pretty much sums up London in summer; always keeping you on your toes. Hopefully these top tips of mine will help you survive your London summer!
*This post features a non-sponsored collaboration with Daisy London. They Kindly gifted me a couple of their lovely necklaces to feature in this blog post *

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer in London

1. Take a look on voucher and event websites.
This tip is great for you bargain hunters and budget-conscious. Websites such as Groupon, have amazing deals on really fun activities and days out. I recently took my partner for a lovely afternoon tea in the most beautiful hotel, over-looking London, for just £20! We also had a made to order buffet meal in a fun asian restaurant that featured interactive tables with games. I also know that National Rail offers a lot of 2 for 1 deals on some London attractions when travelling by train. The perfect way to find something to do this summer whilst still being wallet-conscious!
2. Plan journeys to avoid rush hour and hot transport.
Heat, crowds and delays. I can sum up a summer on London public transport up in 3 words - hot, delayed and hot! Unfortunately, many of the tube lines start to resemble more of a slow cooker during the warmer temperatures, so I would really recommend researching off-peak travel times (for less crowds and sweaty armpits) or finding an alternative route. Busses are generally ok because they usually either have air conditioning or several open windows allowing reasonable air flow. The Overground trains all have air conditioning, along with Thameslink trains which have AMAZING air conditioning! The DLR is also a great option for getting to places like Greenwich, and there is even a river boat which you can take with your oyster card!
3. Make the most of the beautiful parks.
London has some beautiful parks to visit and they are all free to enter. I could take a picnic and spend an entire day in a lovely park! Here are some of my favourite London parks:
Greenwich Park - Boating lake, fantastic London views, photo ops, free nautical museum and squirrels!
Crystal Palace park - Maze, historical, free farm, life size dinosaur walk.
Hampstead Heath - Great walks, ponds to swim in, beautiful views, the pergola (where the images from this blog post were taken!)
4. Check weather and have a plan B.
This tip applies for the days you have decided on an outdoor activity. Always have a plan b or an alternative day! As I type this, I am currently in the middle of re-planning a trip to Kew Gardens as the weather is unfortunately not on my side. It can be very disappointing, but the UK weather never seems to make up its mind. And hopefully, if your heart isn’t too set on particular plans, you can always change to visiting a museum or heading to the cinema.
5. Leave London…
This top tip probably applies directly to you wonderful Londoners. As you probably know by now, there is nothing better than the feeling of leaving the city for a short break. Whether that be for the day, by plane or by train. Time out can really help with stress, anxiety and any other city-inducing problems! Places like Brighton and Margate are just short trips on the train and, as I recently discovered, can be extremely affordable with a 16-25 or 26-30 railcard!
I hope you enjoyed those tips and if you can think of any more, please leave them below in a comment!

Eb x 

All images by Sean Joseph Young

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