5 Things to See and Do in Karlovy Vary

5 Things to See and Do in Karlovy Vary

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Karlovy Vary is a city nestled in the West Bohemia region of Czech Republic. I was lucky enough to visit a couple of winter's ago, so thought I would finally put together this mini guide of things to see and do! This post has kindly been sponsored by CzechTourism; you can learn more about visiting the Czech Republic here

5 Things to See and Do in Karlovy Vary
1. Take a Walk and Admire the Architecture
The first thing to note about this beautifully quaint city, is the architecture and vibrant buildings. There were plenty of Instagram opportunities (which I of course took great advantage of). The colourful faces line the river Tepla, which is home to ducks, fish and the mystic steam created from the hot spring water touching the cold winter air.
I would recommend a city tour starting at the top of the promenade. The promenade begins at the nearby parking area and ends atop the hill providing panoramic views over the town. Besides the wonderful architecture (featuring Baroque and Art Nouveau mansions and numerous monuments honoring prominent people) there are also a couple of ecclesiastical structures, artistic colonnades and pavilions.

2. Explore the Historical Drinking Fountains
One thing that brings many visitors to the city of Karlovy Vary, is the abundance of natural spring water fountains that occupy many of the streets. You'll notice people walking around with special ceramic drinking mugs, ready to take a swig from a spring. There are 16 springs scattered about the town from which you are free to collect and drink the water. The water has a slight metallic taste due to the various minerals and each spring supposedly has different healing properties (depending on the differences in temperature and gas levels). One evening, I went "spring hopping" from fountain to fountain - a slightly more sober version of a "bar crawl"! The Colonnades are a beautiful setting for pictures. You can see me standing in the "Market Colonnade in the image above!
3. Eat some Oplatky!
The sweetest part of Karlovy Vary comes in the form of a sugary wafer called "Oplatky"; a large wafer disc that comes in lots of flavours (my favourite is hazelnut). I was semi-addicted to these after being in the city for just two days, and at just 10 koruna (34p) each, these warm treats were a welcome addition to our strolls along the river!
4. Visit the Mill Colonnade
Arguably the most impressive piece of architecture in Karlovy Vary, the Mill Colonnade (pictured above) is the neo-Renaissance structure (built 1871–81), that is home to five different springs, rooftop statues depicting the months of the year, and a little bandstand. I loved experiencing this unique colonnade!

5. Have a Spa Treatment
Being a traditional spa town, Karlovy Vary has plenty of Day Spas and Spa Hotels for you to indulge in the ultimate wellness and self-care rituals! Choose from classic treatments such as back and head massages, or try something a little different like a hemp bath, underwater massage or paraffin wax hand treatment! Speaking of unusual treatments, Karlovy Vary is also known for their Natural Beer Spa! It is possible to bathe with your friends in unfiltered and unpasteurized “KarlovarskĂ© pivo StarĂ˝ Hrad”, a dark beer made in a local brewery!

I hope this post gave you lots of inspiration for your own trip to Karlovy Vary! Thank you again to CzechTourism for sponsoring this blog post. 

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  1. Thank you Madam ! This seems to be a very romantic good old European town !

    "No longer doubt! Descending from the sky,
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