My first week working from home: What did I learn?

My first week working from home: What did I learn?

Hey Guys,
If you are reading this, first of all, thank you for stopping by and supporting this little corner of the internet. It is now, more than ever, that us smaller, freelance creatives could use the support. So thank you! This post is not going to be a big, satisfactory pat on the back to me by any means. I did not wake up at 7am every day and smash out 50 blog posts, before completing a 30 minute yoga session, record 25 videos for all my social platforms and manage to not snack on everything in the house! Absolutely not. This is a realistic reflection of my first full week in self-isolation mode, where I had to (more than ever before) become the self-motivated, productive queen I have always wanted to be. And I think I got a little closer to that goal...
For a bit of context if you don't know, I am first and foremost an actor by profession. I then work on my blog and YouTube channel between performing jobs, whilst also being supported by an evening job (which closed about a week ago due to the pandemic)YouTube Channel soon!) This was a day I set aside to get a few things done (sandwiched between a day where I did absolutely nothing and a day where I edited for an hour, then chilled out watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the rest of it!) I found that setting myself a "productive day", to get through some of my ever growing to-do list items, successful. I initially decided that when I needed to wear make-up and be in front of a camera for either photos or video, I would group those tasks into one day. But I found that didn't quite work for me (as you may be able to tell from my bare face in these pictures). So next week, I will try this again, starting on Monday with a filming day (with make up this time!)
Before we dive in, I reckon it is worth pointing out that all these images were taken in my home on a self-timer! I love how they turned out. It wasn't my regular "street-style" shoot but more inspired by photography as an art form and informed by what I am logistically able to achieve in my small flat. I even mounted these net curtains to my ceiling especially -(I filmed the whole thing for a vlog coming to my
I learned that the lighting indoors was particularly great around 4pm, so it meant waiting until this time to capture content for about 40 mins. Now I know this, I can schedule indoor shoots accordingly. I also discovered that coffee in the morning makes a huge difference to my productivity. As I waited patiently for my new coffee machine to arrive, I noticed a lack of energy whilst at home. I am going to put this down to my body feeling too relaxed whilst I am in my sanctuary of "rest" and relaxation. Although I have occasionally worked from home in the past, I usually do this as one-off periods from the comfort of my own bed and sofa - not the most stimulating places!
After catching up on my peers and fellow bloggers online, I noticed that a few people were struggling with adjusting to life working from home with partners. I read of one person's partner taking over the home office and another who kicked his significant other out of a room to take a work phone call. I can imagine adjusting to this would be testing at times, so I am grateful for my own little space just for me. Blogger's are also sharing many of their "work from home" tips, however, I am yet to take some of them on. For example, showering in the morning and getting dressed in day-clothes... I'm sorry, but what good is working from home if it can't be done from the comfort of your onesie? And moreover, I would rather not create extra laundry for myself!
As we approach the second week of this time period, I am hoping to take what I learnt this week with me. To also remember that there will be, potentially, a few more weeks of this and I am allowed to spread my workload over a few days. I am allowed to rest, relax and recuperate whilst keeping up to date with the latest news. I am also allowed to feel uninspired and uncreative, because I know inspiration will strike again soon. 
Are you working from home at the moment? How is it going? 

Eb x

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