Styling High Street Designer Dupes 2020

Styling High Street Designer Dupes 2020

Hey Guys,
It has been a hot minute since I last posted a dedicated fashion blog post! So today, I am going to talk you through how I style the designer dupes in my wardrobe. From Gucci to YSL and Chanel! I have also compiled this little album of links to the items in question, so you can pick some up for yourself!

Styling High Street Designer Dupes
As Tan France would say, "construction, but make it fashion". I love styling my Off White belt dupe in a very casual way with athleisure. For example this oversize Nike t-shirt dress or a large grey sweatshirt which I styled in this video. I also love pairing it with a black blazer for a more formal and structured look. The industrial vibe of the belt looks great set against a more chic look - we love a juxtaposition!

I actually haven't worn this blazer since last year! I need to find some more ways to style it up. I loved pairing with a casual outfit such as these jeans and white "The Future is Female" t-shirt. It feels slightly nautical as it was photographed here overlooking a yacht harbour. I also love the idea of being very cliché and wearing it in Paris in an extremely sophisticated way! I shall have a think...

I found this amazing dupe for the Gucci belt a few years ago. It was my first designer dupe-a gateway dupe if you will- and I still love it today! I love styling it simply with a pair of jeans, but for this outfit, I paired the belt with this high-neck Zara dress that I picked up in the sale this season. I also styled it with a pair of tights that are another Gucci dupe. Keep reading for more about those...
This bag has become a lovely little go-to for completing a look. I tend to use it during evenings or days I don't need to carry much. I don't know if there is an actual YSL bag that is exactly like this one, or if it is just a rough estimation of a small, quilted, designer bag with a YSL logo thrown on...!? I also purchased this bag in nude/pale pink and made a whole YouTube video unboxing them! You can watch it here.
I accidentally stumbled across many of these items when doing a spot of online shopping. Such as this cute little number that is doing it's best to replicate a Gucci soho disco bag! I realise the logo here is very unbelievable as the signature double "G", however, you can just wear it the other way around to save any awkward stares!
I loved pairing this with in a "50 shades of pink" -esque manner. Casual, cosy and chic!
Here we have two for the price of one! A Saint Laurent sweatshirt dupe, paired with a Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories dupe! I spotted this style of bag a few months ago on many famous style bloggers (you know, the blonde, thin, jet-setting with their hot photographer partner ones) and a few months later, here we have me rocking a £35 version...go figure! To be fair to myself, I actually got a compliment on this entire outfit when I wore it to VidCon London a couple of weeks ago! I have worn this jumper about 10 times since I got it about 14 days ago...I think that says it all.
I have been looking online everywhere for the "original" version of this t-shirt by YSL, but cannot find it anywhere! So does that mean this isn't a dupe?... Who knows! I love how easy white t-shirts are to style, and this one is no different! I have recently been known to wear a lot of cream/beige/brown/nude. Here we have a prime example with this "50 shades of beige" outfit. I promse my favourite ice-cream flavour isn't vanilla!

I wasn't sure about how I would look in this style of tights. I had seen so many of the beautiful thin, blonde, German bloggers on Instagram, rocking the legit Gucci tights and thought there was no way they would suit me and my thicker thighs. I opted to try these £8.00 dupes instead and really love how it turned out! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have found some inspo for your own styling! Let me know which piece was your favourite?
Eb x


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