10 Places You NEED to Visit Post-Lockdown

10 Places You NEED to Visit Post-Lockdown

Hey Guys,
This post is slightly bittersweet, as I have been diagnosed with a severe case of wanderlust these past few months. I've had to come to terms with the fact that I may not get to many of these places for a while, so this blog post has become my outlet. I have spent much of the past few months, dreaming of travelling again. Staycations may be able to quench my thirst for adventure for now, however, as soon as we can, I will be booking my flights to these destinations pronto! So make sure you check back here for lots of 2021 travel content!

10 Places You NEED to Visit Post-Lockdown

1. Japan
Japan has been a bucket list dream of mine for around two years now! Not only am I attracted to the beautiful culture, the food and the fashion, but I also love the idea of visiting the incredible theme parks they have! I have always loved the idea of Japan in April, to get the full cherry blossom experience. 
2. Nevis Island
Nevis is an island I recently learned about after attending a press morning at the start of this year. I very quickly added Nevis to my list of places I would love to visit, due to the beautiful scenery, rich culture and chill island vibes. Nevis is well known for their miles of sugar-soft white sand lined by coconut palms, the shallow, calm water for swimming, and scenic hikes - what a dream!
3. Hawaii
Speaking of palm trees, Hawaii has been on this list ever since I realised how close the island was to Japan! I have been intrigued by a Hawaiian adventure after seeing many Los Angeles YouTubers vacation there over the last few years. Not only have I already found my ideal spot to watch the sunset, but I have also been taking notes of cute, Instagrammable cafés and picturesque locations, ready for my visit!
4. Seville
I haven't stepped foot on Spanish soil since my three month Erasmus trip of 2013. So I reckon it is about time I made the effort to revisit this incredible country. Seville is extremely picturesque, with unique architecture and wonderful views. I must admit, it didn't take much for me to add Seville to this list after I discovered how photogenic the city was! 
5. Amalfi Coast
Italy will always be like a second home to me. Having lived and worked all over Northern Italy, I will always find my way back to one city or another. The Amalfi coast is a region I am yet to discover, but the boujee influencer vibes are just too strong to pull me away. Find me sipping on a morning cappuccino, a good book in hand, sunglasses on, perched on the edge of a cliff that looks over the colourful coastal buildings.
6. New Orleans
The jazz, the architecture, the soul food, the good vibes, Mardi Gras - I could go on, but you get the point. I have loved the idea of visiting New Orleans for years, though I am yet to make the trip as I want to plan a few stops within that area (to make the most of the flight). Any tips for a new destinations around New Orlean would be much appreciated!
7. Lisbon
Portugal is a country I am yet to visit, but have wanted to for a few years. I remember Lisbon being a popular destination amongst the 'Instagrammers' a couple of years ago, and I'm not gonna lie, it was the reason I fell in love! Oh to be eating a Pastéis de Nata and sipping a glass of local wine whilst watching the world (and the trams) go by!
8. Morocco
Morocco would be my first venture into the magnificent continent that is Africa. I would love a few days in a riad, enjoying the local markets, food and scenery. I can imagine how bustling and lively a town centre would feel, in contrast with the serene vibes of the riad courtyards. Morocco is home to some wonderful craft-makers, so I'm sure I would be coming home with a ton of local artisanal homeware items!
9. Copenhagen
Copenhagen is a dream destination for this scandinavian lover, aka me! Despite the high price tags around this part of the world, I would love to stay in a chic hotel and enjoy just a couple of days in and around this beautiful Danish city known for the gorgeous, uniform architecture and pastries! I can imagine Copenhagen being beautiful any time of year too - which is a huge bonus!
10. Bali
Lastly, we have beautiful Bali- another destination as inspired by the 'gram. Bali put me in two minds as I know how full of tourists it is at the moment - lured in by the beautiful beaches villas and wallet-friendly prices. I wish could say I wasn't attracted by the photogenic tree swings, the floating breakfasts, the local wildlife and hipster cafés; but that would be a complete lie. So instead, i shall see you on the gram, sipping my coconut water in a coconut shell and enjoying the jungle's cheeky monkeys. 

I'd love to know where is next on your travel list? Do we have any places in common?

Eb x

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