How the Right Wall Art Can Transform Your Home

How the Right Wall Art Can Transform Your Home

Hey Guys,
Whilst being in this (seemingly endless) London Lockdown *upside down smiling face emoji*, I have been finding lots of ways to keep myself busy. This includes huge wardrobe clearouts, reorganising every cupboard in my kitchen, and now, updating the wall art around my home! I am a firm believe that wall art can transform any space and is especially great for you renter's out there or those of you with blank white walls (like me!)
This post is an unpaid collaboration with Photowall Sweden, who kindly sent over this gorgeous Matisse-inspired print from their huge selection of amazing wall art! I will be sharing a curated selection of my favourites at the end of this post!Photowall Sweden Matisse inspired print. Kate La Vie Kate Spiers home.When first renting a space or buying a home, it can often feel like an uninhabited box, just waiting for an injection of life and personality! I turn to plants and prints when it comes to spicing up my living space and adding colour to my life. Not only does the right art create and aesthetically and visually pleasing space, but it can also help in improving your overall mood and mental health! 

"There’s hard evidence that even just looking at art can have a positive impact on your mood and mental health." - Society 6

With the amount of time we have spent indoors recently, I can almost guarantee that you have subconsciously been affected by your living spaces more than ever before. The right plants, decor and wall art will affect your everyday mood and how you subconsciously respond to your living circumstances. No matter how small, boxy or cold a space feels, the right art will make it better!
Photowall Sweden Matisse inspired print. Kate La Vie Kate Spiers home.
My favourite style of art is boho, minimal, colourful and mood-lifting. Positive quotes in pretty fonts and bright Matisse-inspired prints, make me feel happy and positive. I also love nature and landscape-inspired art. A beautiful, sunny Italian scene ignites positive memories and nostalgic feelings from past trips (much like a specific smell could bring back memories). I also love plant prints - they are perfect for bringing some greenery into spaces that are not suitable for real plants; I have a large palm leaf print in my bathroom that has no window!
As promised, here are some of my favourite prints from the Photowall Sweden website! I absolutely love the four prints on the left as a large statement piece for in your living room, above your bed or anywhere else with a large blank wall! The prints on the right are ones that I personally curated that I thought would make the cutest gallery wall! Obviously, they are also gorgeous as stand-alone pieces that can be ordered in any size you want, but I would ideally have them in small-medium sizes, working together in one place!
Photowall Sweden Matisse inspired print. Kate La Vie Kate Spiers home.

I hope this post has inspired your own art journey! Thank you again to Photowall Sweden for my beautiful new print!

Eb x

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