Boohoo Spring Look

Hey Guys,

So I recently had a little splurge on and came out with a few outfits. Here is one I styled from the SALE and wore in a cute Greenwich photo shoot. 

White Slinky Bralet- £4
White Circle Skirt- £10

I have recently been dreaming of a cute 50's inspired photo shoot with a big skirt and a pretty backdrop! My dreams were made true with this shoot. I had such fun exploring my girly side (I have many fashion 'sides') and posing in the beautiful London sun! 

Image by Lukasz Piwecki
Shop for my Boohoo skirt here.

Image by Lukasz Piwecki
Shop for a similar bralet here.

Image by Lukasz Piwecki

Let me know what you think in the comments or via Twitter: @ebonidixon 

Eb x

(All images taken by Lukasz Piwecki)


Hey Guys,

I am LOVING using Snapchat at the moment! I am currently following my closest friends, some celebrities and lots of bloggers and vloggers.
I love having a little snoop and getting a glimpse into people's lives in a weird voyeristic, non-creepy way! Haha!

But seriously, Snapchat seems to be a great way of connecting with people and showing them all of the sides to your personality, be that all made up and ready to go out, or makeup-less just out of bed! It reminds me (in this glamour-filled blogging world) that we are ALL normal and have days for craziness and days to be thoughtful.
It's also a really cool intro into vlogging (something I love watching and the idea of doing). 

Today, I made a super long "How-to" Snapchat as I baked a Lemon Sponge Cake! It was really fun to make and I gave a step by step guide, as well as some top secret hints and tips! Depending on when you are reading this, it may still be up! If not, I am certain I will be doing very similar snaps in the near and distant future!

So what are you waiting for? Get adding!!

Let me know if you added me/if you are enjoying the snaps via Twitter.

Eb x

Sleek VIP Lipstick Collection

Hey Guys! 

So last month I entered a Boot's UK competition in partnership with Sleek Make Up called "Very Important Pout" (VIP). The prize was the entire Sleek VIP Lipstick collection! You had to upload a picture on Instagram showing your "Best VIP Pout" 
No prizes for guessing who won ;) 
So the lipsticks have arrived and here are what the colours look like against my skin: 

These colours are SUPER BRIGHT! If you apply them directly onto the lip as a normal lipstick, the colours come out thick and fast! They really pop and can make a statement, especially paired with a complimentary outfit. So far, I have used the colours sparingly to create a more subtle look. Although, once summer kicks is, I can imagine I will be wearing the bright shades more often. 
Have you tried these lipsticks? Let me know which is your favourite in the comments below or via Twitter @ebonidixon

Eb x

Cities I’ve Visited (Part 1)

Hey Guys,

So this post naturally follows on from my last travel post “Countries I’ve Lived In”. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, here is a link. 
So here is a roundup of the cities I have visited for a holiday or just a city break. Enjoy!

1.      Switzerland (2 cities)
I have been to Switzerland twice, both at a young age. The first trip was a skiing break with school. It was here I found out skiing really isnt for me... :/ I do remember some excellent chocolate, cosy log cabins and breathtaking mountains! The second time was with the Girl Guides. I was enrolled as an official Girl Guide at "Our Chalet".  It was a lovely ceremony on the side of a mountain. I remember we went for a few really cool hikes. It was amazing weather and I caught a great tan whilst swimming in the hotel pool!

Best Memory: Swimming in the hotel pool overlooking the mountains.

2.      Paris

Parie Parie Parie! Paris was one of the first couple of places I had ever visited abroad. Since then I have visited a few times (the reason for 6 out of 7 visits somehow being related to Disney Land! XD ).
So the first two times were when I was a child and my mum took me to Disney Land. Some of my best childhood memories are in Disney Land. It is a magical place for children and adults. When I went in 2013, I was more excited than any of the kids in the park!

No matter how exciting Disney Land can be, you reach that sophisticated age of grown up and long for a more culturally diverse trip (or you just wanna suck down some snails and re-enact the Hunchback of Notre Dame)... either way, the city of Paris is extremely magical and can be the perfect way to spend a long weekend. I have only ever been with gal pals, but I can imagine the city is super romantic.

For my best friend Naomis birthday, we completed all the Parisian cliché’s; I bought some prosecco and we popped it under the Eiffel Tower! We put a love lock on the Ponte   Bridge and posed in front of the Louvre.
I love being a tourist and have created a little tradition for when I am in a new city, I like to take a guided boat tour. I love seeing the city from the river. It is a relaxing and quirky way of exploring the city, especially towards the end of the trip when youre sick of walking around!

I think my next Parisian adventure should be with a boyfriend with a romantic city break and cheeky day trip to Disney Land! ... I just need to get myself one of those boyfriends... Ill keep you updated!

Best Memory: Disney Land with Naomi in 2013-  Getting WAY too excited about the day parade and night fireworks, and getting stuck on the Thunder Mountain ride!

3.      Ayia Napa

I have put Ayia Napa on this list, just because I didnt want to leave anything out. I really dont have much to say about this place except it was a terrible mistake and the biggest waste of money. I went with my ex boyfriend and a couple of his male friends. Basically, we broke up the day we got back! Haha. Needless to say, I am not that kind of party girl! And it is not somewhere to go if you arent single. The end!

Best Memory: The flight home...

4.      Berlin
Berlin was a few days of adventure and culture with my friend Yolanda. We had a really through exploration of the city and even had time for some clubbing! From the Berlin Wall to cocktails for all, Berlin was an interesting trip.
I even managed to find time to vlog while we were there! It was my first experience vlogging so do forgive me! But if you want to check it out, look no further!..

Best Memory: Even though it wasnt uplifting, visiting the Sacssenhousen Concentration Camp was extremely interesting.


So that's the end of part 1! Stay tuned for part two of “Cities I’ve Visited”. Places coming up include Amsterdam, LA and VEGAS! In fact, the Vegas story is probably the craziest travel story I have ever had! I can’t wait to share it!

Eb x

Primark Spring Haul (Part 2)

Hey Guys,

So I recently found myself in Kingston again for an acting job, so I decided to check out Primark for a second time as my first visit was so successful! 

Here is a roundup of the items I bagged for myself; 

1.  Monochrome Wide-Leg Trousers (£14)
Image by Lukasz Piwecki
This trouser actually looks great with the bardot top (number 2)! I love that these are high waisted, with slight tailored detail on the front panel. The light material makes it perfect a perfect addition to any Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

2. Black Bardot Top (£5)
Image by Lukasz Piwecki

I love a good off-shoulder number, and this will make a great addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe as an evening top or day top! I expect it will work well with many other colours too.

3. Pastel Pink Fedora Hat (£4)
Image by Lukasz Piwecki
I am not typically a hat person, but I love the fedora style hats I have seen recently on blogs and Instagram. This hat seems to suit me, but I’ll let you decide! The colour is perfect for a Spring/Summer wardrobe. I have only worn it once so far, but I’ll keep you posted!

3. Denim Pinafore Dress (£12)

(not my image)
This little dress is extremely classic. I love experimenting with different tops underneath to create different looks. I think it also works well with or without tights. It is extremely comfortable and casual; perfect for a summers day.

5. White Duvet Cover Set (£10)
(not my image)

A staple for every blogger I feel! It will make a great flat lay backdrop, but also a lovely fresh cover to go with my 4 poster bed. 

I hope you love my new purchaces as much as I do! Let me know which is your fav in the comments or on my Twitter @EboniDixon 

Eb x

10 tips for a HAPPY Monday!

Haven’t you heard? Mondays are the new Fridays!
Image by Jade Thomas

Hey Guys,

If you are like me, Monday can sometimes feel like its own hump day! I don’t know what Wednesday is complaining about; Monday is so much further away from the next weekend! So here are a few of my tips to help get through a groggy start to the week!

The Night Before...

1. Give your room/flat/house a good clean/tidy on Sunday night so you wake up to a fresh room. No one likes waking up to a pig sty! I am guilty of leaving washing up over night or clean laundry on the drying rack days after it’s dry! Take a little time on Sunday to give your space a once over so that Monday morning is fresh and welcoming not smelly and off putting! Last Sunday I took it one step further and re arranged all my bedroom furniture, making more space in my room. When I woke up on Monday, it was almost as if I was waking up in a whole new room! It was fresh and tidy and I felt happy to wake up.

2. Plan something nice to wear. I like to plan outfits the night before, especially when I have an important or exciting day ahead. You can create a cool, fashion-forward look that looks amazing. Rather than rolling out of bed and having to stumble around, half asleep, trying to find something that mildly goes together, all you have to do is roll out of bed and stumble into that ‘totally FETCH’ outfit your past self set out last night!

3. Do something nice to your hair/nails on Sunday night. Sundays are great for pampering yourself. A lot of people wash their hair on Sunday so maybe you could watch a YouTube tutorial (or 2...) to get some inspo for that new ‘look’. Or try painting your nails ready for a week of pointing a hand posing so everyone gets a chance to see your great new nail art!

4. Make a nice packed lunch. You can use roast dinner leftovers to make a super sandwich or put together your own fruit medley. Having a packed lunch helps me to save money and to feel prepared. It’s also a good way to make sure you’re eating healthy, rather than grabbing something fast and processed from a shop.

The day...

5. Set Monday as takeaway night/cheat day. On the other hand, of course you are allowed to treat yourself once in a while. This one only applies to those of us on diets with “cheat days”. Monday could be that day. The day we all look forward to! Cheat day! The one day a week where you can be more flexible with healthy eating and treat yourself to naughty foods (within reason).  Setting Monday to “cheat day” could really make it a day to look forward to!

6. Message someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Monday is a new day of a new week. What better opportunity for a fresh start? Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Monday is a great day to make weekend plans, it’s just advanced enough that people may not have made plans yet, but also enough time to reschedule in case the plans fall through!

7. Start something new. Monday could be a great day to start a new hobby or activity. Netball, Yoga, Crafts, Book club, Cookery, Choir. All these things scream Monday evening club to me! And if you can’t find anything to join, why not invite a couple of friends over after work/school and bake and decorate cakes or a start a film club.

8. Get involved in a Monday evening TV series... or set Monday as a night to watch your fav Netflix/YouTube series. Monday TV can be really great as they know it’s a night a lot of people will be at home. Try and get into a series so that there is something good to look forward to when you get home. Back in the day, I think Ugly Betty was shown on Mondays. That was the BEST! If you can’t find anything you like, set Monday as a day to watch an episode from a good Netflix season. Self control is important here; try not to watch the whole series in one Monday night!


9. Post!! Monday= MAIL! That ASOS item you ordered late Friday night should totally be here by now! Or that magazine subscription should be here any moment! Or, most likely for me; that random and unnecessary EBay item you ordered at 3am on Thursday night could be here!

10. Lastly, the best tip for a bearable Monday? Don’t get wasted on Sunday night. Monday hangovers are a bitch!


Eb x

SBC Skincare*

I LOVE the look of the SBC Gels range. They are bright, colourful and look great next to each other. I also love the idea that these are branded as ‘gels’, as opposed to creams or lotions. If you are like me and constantly trying new skincare products, this is a great brand to try as it is something a little different.
Here is my round-up of each product;
Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser- I love that you can use this cleanser on a dry face. When reading the bottle, the words “Melts off make-up” really made me love using it, because that’s exactly what it does! It is also super creamy and fairly thick compared to other cleaners. It smells clean and refreshing. I used the SBC Skin Shammy to remove off any excess residue...

Skin Shammy- I had never heard of a ‘Skin Shammy’ before but I love it! The material is soft, making it perfect to use on my face with the SBC cleanser. It is also easy to clean and great for the environment as I am not using as many cotton pads as would usually.

Vitamin ACE Day/Night Cream- This was the first SBC product I tried, and I love it! The bursting beads are unusual and great! I use it mainly before bed to allow it to work overnight and leave me with a balanced, moisturised face in the morning. The only thing I would say about this product is that I don’t love the smell. It kind of reminds me of a heavy, oaty breakfast smell. I wish it had a refreshing scent like the Grapefruit and Ginger body wash, however, this is a minor personal compromise considering the results are fab!

Collagen Skincare Gel- This pink bottle is super fresh and pretty! The product is light and moisturising without being oily. I like to use this gel in the day and night on my face. I don’t think I will use this product for my body as suggested as it will be better used on my face!

Propolis Skincare Gel- This gel is similar to the Collagen one. I have used Mankuna Honey creams before, but never a gel. I really love the smell and texture of this product. It is naturally cooling and seems to work well calming irritated skin. The Propolis and the Collagen gel are really great to use just underneath your day/night cream. I have noticed an improvement in the dry spots on my face (corners of nose and mouth) since using these gels.

Grapefruit and Ginger Body Wash- This wash smells amazing and is really refreshing! The beads are not too abrasive and work well as an every-other day body wash. I have been using this one sparingly as I only have a small bottle and I love it so much!

All the products I have mentioned can be found on the SBC Website. 

Eb x

Liebster Awards!

Hello Guys!

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are! :)

So, even though EBONI +IVORY is just three months old, I feel like I have had small successes in the world of blogging! It is a world I have completely exposed myself to, and I love it! It can be difficult to break into a place that is full of SO MANY talented, inspiring, beautiful bloggers, but as long as you enjoy what you are doing (and I do!) it is totally worth is with or without success and popularity. 

The "Liebster Awards" is an award for bloggers with less than 1000 followers to nominate other new, up-and-coming bloggers to spread awareness and appreciation for all the amazing (not-yet-famous) blogs out there. 

I was nominated by a couple of fellow bloggers:

Thank you ladies! I love both of these girls' blogs, they should definitely be at the top of your "to follow" list! 

OK, on the the award!...

The rules: 
  1. Thank the blog that nominated you on a post in your blog/social media. 
  2. Answer 11 random facts about yourself 
  3. Answer the questions asked by the blog that nominated you. 
  4. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers (with less than 1,000 followers on Instagram). 
  5. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer. 
  6. Notify all nominees via social media. 

My 11 Random Facts:
  1. I used to live in Philadelphia 
  2. I'm an actor and singer by profession 
  3. I have a foster sister who has been with my family for three years :) 
  4. Blowing bubbles make me really happy! They are so pretty and catch light well 
  5. I work at a theatre in London as an usher. It's a great job and I get to watch lots of shows! 
  6. I can fall asleep anywhere (literally) 
  7. Last Christmas, I was in Cinderella at the Lyric Hammersmith and played a mouse, a party-person and a crab! XD 
  8. I have a record player and vinyl LP collection (half of them are musicals!) 
  9. I would classify myself as nocturnal 
  10. I love to travel/get out of London as much as I can. Give me a little bit o' countryside and I'm happy! 
  11. I love to cook/bake but don't generally follow a recipe.... 
Q's from Holly B:

What are your hopes for your blog?

I really hope to inspire people and start conversations about things that matter and things that don't! I would love my Blog to represent me as a person and to grow with me. 

What is your biggest dream?

To be successful and happy.

Favourite item of clothing in your closet? 

Hmm... At the moment, I am loving my black high waisted Molly Jeans from River Island. They go with most things and hold me in,in all the right places! 

Favourite make-up/skin care essential? 

At the mo it's concealer! Collection 2000 do a famously good one! Also Miss sporty cover stick is great. 

Who is your favourite new blogger? 

I am loving Holly B's blog right now.

Which company/brand would you most like to work with as a blogger? 

Ooo, good question! So many!! I would love to work with Topshop, Asos, KIKO,, MAC, The White Company and Skinny Dip. 

What was the hardest thing for you about getting started, when you decided to blog? 

I am currently shooting on my iPhone 5C. It is hard to keep up with the quality of photos that other blogs have. Also arranging blog photo-shoots can be hard! 

Favourite inspirational woman? 

There are so many great women in the public eye at the moment. I will have to say Anne Frank, Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Amanda Stenburg.

What is your most embarrassing moment as a blogger? 

Haha, probably just because I am super socially aware and awkward so when I go to blogger events I always say something stupid to a brand rep! 

Who is your biggest supporter? 

My mum and sister. 

Q's from Wilby:

1.Why did you start your blog

I love to write and it gave me a purpose.

2.Who’s your favourite author right now?

I love John Green at the mo.

3.What’s your biggest goal for 2016?

I really hope I find success in my acting/singing, but also in blogging. 

4.What’s the number 1 place on your travel wish-list? 

This is hard! I really want to see Iceland and Bali.

5.Have you tried anything new lately?

Erm... I recently started using BooTea's Teatox range. Going well so far!

6.What languages do you speak?

I speak English (just about) and a bit of French and really small amount of Italian.

7.How would you describe you own style and also your blog style?

Hmm... Like my name suggests, I am a bit Eboni/Ivory with my style. I could be super girly one day, and then be really laid back/bare faced another day. I guess my blog style reflects me. So it is formal with reviews and fun with other posts. 

8.Do you like to watch YouTube videos and if so who is your favourite channel to subscribed to?

Yes! I am meaning to start one of my own soon. I could watch Zoella for days, not gonna lie! 

9.Describe yourself in 3 words

Fun, Thoughtful, Unique

10.One beauty item/brand you cant live without?

Facial items! 

11. What tips would you give anyone starting a blog?

Love what you do, mean what you say, interact/be supportive and stay positive!

My Nominees:

Montse "Beauteur" -

Georgette "Forever Styling"-

Anna "Bright Eye Blog" -

Sophie "Shy Life Living" -

Telina "Love Telina" -

Katy "What Katy Knows" -

Josune "Your Beauty Script" -

Laura "Loved By Laura" -

Poppy "Poppy May Blogg"-

My Questions:

1. Sum up what blogging means to you in a sentence

2. What did you want to be when you were younger?

3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

4. Favourite city?

5. Top 3 in flight “essential items”

6. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

7. If you could collaborate with one brand, which would it be and why?

8. Have you crossed off any of your bucket list?

9. Snog, Marry, Avoid: Jennifer Lawrence, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner

10. Favourite clothes shop?

11. What do you love about yourself?

Have fun ladies,can't wait to read what you write!

eb x

Primark Spring Haul


So I recently had a little snoop through Primark Tottenham Court Road (the best one!!) and Primark Kingston. I came across these BARGAIN FINDS! All on sale (apart from the shoes). Have a look...

Pink Fedora Hat: £4 
White Tassel Bag: £5
Grey Wool Coat: £15
Nude Block-Heel Sandal: £14

 (Rose Gold phone case: Ebay, Gold watch: a boutique in Barcelona)

Eb x

MONU Skincare*

(Active Cleanser, Toner, Skin Perfector for ‘Combination Skin’ and Brightening Boost serum)

The MONU Skincare products are clean and simple in design. I received a trio of 50ml travel-sized bottles which I imagine will be great for holidays and short breaks. The white bottle feels clinical and professional; which I think is echoed by the product itself.
None of the products smell flowery or sweet at all. They smell lightly of chemicals which gives an overall impression of a ‘prescribed’ product that will achieve great results. I personally love products that smell sweet and flowery, however, I am more trusting of products that don’t! I'm weird like that...!
The packaging states that all the products are made “Using the best of nature” and with testing methods that are considerate to the environment and not on animals. I think this is great!


Active Cleanser- The cleanser has a good consistency; it is not too runny or too thick. I found it is great to use after removing make up with a micellar water.

Active Toner- My first ever toner! This is something I realise I really need to get into the habit of using as I have a few large pores on my forehead and next to my nose. I am hoping with even more use, this toner will help to close and tighten these pores.

Skin Perfector- This moisturiser, like the cleanser, is really great in consistency. I used this moisturiser alongside Aloe Vera gel in my morning skincare routine. I wouldn't recommend using this moisturiser by itself in the morning as I found it wasn't giving my face enough moisture before applying make-up. I would either combine with another oil-free moisturiser or gel, or use a good primer.

Brightening Boost- I have only used this product once as I am currently trying to clear my complexion and skin imperfections before ‘brightening’. This product smells nicer than the other three. It is also creamier and moisturising. It is to be applied before moisturising in the day and night. I can’t wait to give this a really thorough try and start taking steps towards make-up free days.  

I think after reading the information about Monu's 'Oily, Spot-Prone Skin' products, I would have been better suited to that range. However, the combination products have been great and I will continue to use alongside my other skincare products. 

You can read about all MONU skincare products on their website. 

Eb x