11 Things to do in Amsterdam

An image of a snowy Amsterdam canal and houses with bikes in the foreground

Hey Guys,

And welcome to the second instalment of my 2017 Amsterdam blog series!

You may know that I recently took a short trip to Amsterdam with my best friend to celebrate my 25th birthday! It was an amazing few days of relaxation, culture, food and night life! I have put together this post that rounds up a few of the best things I did this time around (my forth trip to the Dutch city) that will hopefully inspire you for your own trip!

Andaz Amsterdam Spa | City Relaxation + Afternoon Tea

Hey Guys, 

Welcome to my first Travel post of 2017! 
I am so excited to bring you this post in collaboration with the wonderful Andaz Amsterdam Hotel. 

If you didn't know, on the 2nd January, I turned 25 (eek!). A significant milestone (if I do say so). And a significant milestone deserves a significant celebration! 
I spent my actual birthday around London doing lot's of activities from the V&A museum, to afternoon tea in Kensington and finally, trampolining! 

Ohh, but I didn't stop there! 
I planned a long weekend away with my best friend to AMSTERDAM!

I was kindly invited to enjoy a beautiful day of pamper, relaxation and sweet treats at the 5* Andaz Amsterdam

Here is a round up of our experience...

25 Things to do before you turn 25

Hey Guys,

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meee, Happy Birthday to me!

I hope you had an amazing New Years Eve and New Years Day! 

If you didn't guess by the awkward solo song I started with, today is my birthday! I turn 25 (EEK-still don't even feel 21!) so I decided to put together this fun list of things to do before you turn 25... I know I will have definitely missed lots off so let me know in the comments if you think of any more!