How I Survived My First Fashion Show

Hey Guys,

With London Fashion Week in full swing and London Fashion Week Festival approaching, I though it would be appropriate to share with you how survived my first show!

Falling in Love with... My Curls!

All images by Reuben Riley

Hey Guys,

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it was only fitting that I fall in love...ya know, casual...
And today it just so happens that it is with my hair!

Street Style: The Long-Haired Jacket

An image of Eboni posing in an Apricot Clothing long haired jacket, black Primark trousers and River Island top
All images by Reuben Riley

Hey Guys,

Ever wondered what a llama felt like?

Today I'm showing you how I styled my Apricot Clothing long-haired jacket!

This is the perfect statement coat for these Winter-Spring days. I paired mine with some tailored trousers and a strappy top. Some comfortable black, leather, sock-boot heels complete the look. 

P.S. This jacket is currently on sale on the Apricot website! This is not a drill!

An image of Eboni posing in an Apricot Clothing long haired jacket, black Primark trousers and River Island top

Street Style: The Jumper Dress

Image of Eboni sitting looking into the distance wearing a grey jumper from Missy Empire
All images by Reuben Riley

Hey Guys,

It's coming up to "Wint-ing" - you know, that weird season in between Winter and Spring. The Brunch of weather! Although there's no avocado's or smoked salmon here... just a hot mess of inbetweeny weather that gives me a love/hate relationship with my wardrobe. 
I find it hard to look cute during these times, but recently, I found the Jumper Dress!...

This warm, cosy and effortlessly chic top can be worn in so many ways; with a pair of skinny jeans and sock boots, with leggings and trainers or, like me, you can keep those legs warm in some tights and thigh highs

14 Things To Do This Valentine's Day

Image of Eboni wearing the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.

Hey Guys,

I hope you haven't clicked here expecting a long, tedious (and probably overdone) list of "things to do with your significant other this" because...

I’m single! 

Have been for four years... (though we'll just brush over that quickly...) And I’m sure Valentine’s Day was created to make single people feel just that bit more single (and couples feel a little more anxious of relationship expectations!)

But no worries, this Valentine’s Day post was tailored especially for you single guys and (especially) gals out there who, like me, are gonna take a day of loving your “special someone” into a day (make that lifetime) of loving yourself!

And while I haven’t got all the answers to your singledom (trust me if I knew how to find my significant other this whole rant would be redundant).... I do have 14 cute ways to treat yourself this Feb 14th!

So, grab yourself some candy canes ,throw them in the air like confetti, and be your own Glenn Coco! You go Glenn Coco! 


Image of Eboni laughing and spinning around in the "Hilary" dress by Chi Chi London.