Relationship Status: Taken!

Hey Guys,

I wanted to write this post as a sort of ‘update’ to my love life. I have written a few times in the past about dating, relationships and being single. In the end, I think it has always boiled down to just wanting to be happy...
...And I am! 

I recently entered into a relationship with a wonderful man, director, comedian, writer, actor, son, brother and now, boyfriend! This is my first relationship in 6 years and it has been an interesting journey, to say the least. I won’t bore (or sicken) you to death by describing just how beautiful he is, inside and out, but I do want to talk about where I am at now and how I feel about my future as a taken gal! 

The Ultimate Spa Experience in the Czech Republic

Hey Guys,

Today's post is extremely special. I was kindly invited by Boho Travels on a press trip to the Czech town of Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad). Karlovy Vary is just a couple of hours west of Prague (where we landed) and just one hour ahead of London. We were picked up by a shuttle bus and whisked off into the Czech countryside to the beautiful spa town...