Relationship Status: Taken!

Relationship Status: Taken!

Hey Guys,

I wanted to write this post as a sort of ‘update’ to my love life. I have written a few times in the past about dating, relationships and being single. In the end, I think it has always boiled down to just wanting to be happy...
...And I am! 

I recently entered into a relationship with a wonderful man, director, comedian, writer, actor, son, brother and now, boyfriend! This is my first relationship in 6 years and it has been an interesting journey, to say the least. I won’t bore (or sicken) you to death by describing just how beautiful he is, inside and out, but I do want to talk about where I am at now and how I feel about my future as a taken gal! 


No longer single...

The transition from being ‘single’ to ‘taken’ was extremely smooth. We were dating for just under four months, but have known each other for many years. An unfruitful, date years ago, led to nothing but the odd bit of social media contact. But years later, after a message from me about something very random, we began to date again. This time, with an extremely positive outcome.

What does Love mean to me? 

In the past, I have speculated about the idea of Love, but this was just me using past experiences, ideas taken from fiction and what I perceived from other people’s relationships. Although my partner and I have not shared the four letter word with each other yet, I have been thinking about this feeling and what it means to me. And now I know what love means to me, specifically in relation to this person. As soon as I realised, I wrote it down in the little notes app on my phone. This is what I wrote:

“I feel like when I think about Him, I remember being young and imagining a boy, the boy, I would love. And its him. I had an empty space that my imagination made, and He came and filled it. It feels so easy and natural as if the idea of Him always existed. But also scary, new and surprising.”

But d'ya wanna know how I really know he is a good 'un? He has a 5* Uber rating! Do you know anyone with a 5* Uber rating? Nope, nether did I until this gorgeous man walked into my life!

Moving forward into unknown territory

Falling in love is probably the easiest and most simple thing I will ever do. Being in a relationship will almost certainly have its challenges and adventures, for which I am ready and excited for. I am already finding it difficult to open up to someone new. I have gotten very used to being alone, so find myself having to re-train my brain and allow someone else to see my most vulnerable self. Which is beautiful. I love finding how we communicate and can be open and honest with each other. It's like a proper, fully functioning, fully-fledged, adult relationship, and I love it! 
Oh em gee!

What does love mean to you?

Eb x

Images by Rum Freeman
Shot on location in Karlovy Vary


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  1. Romantic location !

    "No longer doubt! Descending from the sky,
    She lifts thee in her arms to realms on high..."


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