10 Things to Make You Happier in 2019

10 Things to Make You Happier in 2019

Hey Guys,
As January comes to a close, I am thinking about ways I can make the most out of the coming months and guarantee success in 2019. Living in the UK, the winter days are short and grey, my vitamin D intake is at an all time low and I have struggled to feel productive. That being said, I love making lists, as I find they help me get stuff done; so I decided to share my personal list of "want-to-achieve" goals, in the hopes it may inspire some of you!
10 Things to Make You Happier in 2019

1. Schedule yourself time off
Considering I just started talking about being productive, it doesn't quite make sense that I am already be talking about days off; but hear me out! Scheduling down time is something I hope to improve on in 2019. Being freelance, it can sometimes feel as if you are always working (especially if you enjoy it!) But it is just as important to allow your body and mind some time off to relax - even just a little bit! I like to set aside Sunday's as my day of rest because not a lot happens on Sunday's, so I don't feel like I'm missing out! #workaholic!
2. Create a healthy sleep schedule
Ok, I am the worst advocate for sleep schedules. If you are a close friend of mine, you will know I never sleep! I have good intentions and aim to at least be in bed by midnight, but then I'll stay up watching YouTube videos, playing Candy Crush and scrolling through Instagram, so I don't actually sleep until early hours! It is extremely bad for my health, I know, so this year, I aim to work on my sleep pattern.
3. Plan interesting and fun activities
I am a huge lover of activity-based days. From a day trip to Brighton, a trip to the cinema or a museum visit, I love to spend time doing unusual and interesting things! This can be a great way to break up patterns of your day-to-day routine and get you excited about something new. There are loads of ways to have a fun day from a budget of £0 and up! Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in a post about my favourite low-budget activities in London!
4. Dedicate time to loved ones
This could come hand in hand with number 1 and/or 4. Spending time with loved-ones and people who make you happy is great for your mental health. Maintaining friendships and relationships is hard work and you have to make an effort to schedule a meet-up. But I reckon it's well worth the effort for a day of fun and laughter with your favourite people - god, how cheesy!
5. Take regular social media breaks
This is something I started to implement at the end of 2019. Regular breaks from social media, whether that is all apps or just one at a time, can be extremely rewarding. I find that I forget to monitor the time I spend online, especially as it is a part of my job. By moving this from the subconscious part of my brain to the conscious, I have noticed the correlation between the time I spend on social media and my mental health. In the same breath, I also find that who and what I choose to follow can have a positive or negative outcome on my mental health, so I am careful and conscious about that too!
6. Invest time into getting to know your mental health
Speaking of mental health (which I know seems like a bit of a buzz-word at the moment, along with "wellness") but I really believe in investing time into checking in with yourself and doing things that have a positive outcome on your mind is really crucial for all-around happiness. Even just as a starting point, recognising your mood changes and triggers can be eye-opening. 7. Get creative!
I really enjoy my creative outlets and notice my happiness is always boosted when doing something creative. For example, I like to sing and record cover songs sometimes. I also love art and painting/drawing is the perfect way for me to de-stress. Maybe you enjoy photography or knitting or painting pots?
8. Create a night routine
I definitely have a beauty routine in the evening. It consists of removing my make-up, applying my overnight creams/ serums and, of course, brushing my teeth. But I would also like to get into the habit of a "winding down" routine. For example, getting my bag and clothes ready for the following day, making a herbal tea (to help with my digestion), making a hot water bottle and switching off electronic devices ready to sleep. This would probably help towards my goal of a better sleeping pattern!
9. Find your favourite podcasts
The end of 2018 saw the start of my mini obsession with podcasts. As a child, I loved audio books, and podcasts seem to be a great way of being entertained, without a visual stimulus - perfect for busy London commutes or something to listen to before bed. I love listening to my favourite YouTuber's podcasts and I am hoping to discover some more scripted/drama podcasts to help send me to sleep at night.
10. Eat better and drink more water
It goes without saying - new year, new diet. We've all made this promise time and time again. But I've been making a conscious effort, over the past few years, to drink more water and eat better and it has had some positive effects. Since 2015, I have dropped 3 dress sizes and am feeling my most healthy. Of course, have the occasional treats, but for the most part, I try to eat smart. This is something I really want to maintain throughout 2019.
Well, there you have it, 10 things to make you happier in 2019! Have I left anything out? Please let me know in the comments what you have decided will make for a great 2019!
Eb x

Images all shot on location in Prague

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