Celebrating 3 Years of EBONI + IVORY!

Celebrating 3 Years of EBONI + IVORY!

It feels like only yesterday that I was writing my “Celebrating 2 Years of EBONI + IVORY” blog post, fresh from an Italian adventure, looking forward to another year in this business we call blogging. Well, here we are again. I made it through another year! *confetti canon*
From my first press trip abroad, to working on a huge project with Kia, travelling across North America and rekindling an old romance, 2018 will certainly be a hard one to top! I have loved sharing my past year of adventures online, so here are is a roundup of my favs:
My 2018 Blogging Highlights
Click on the link to take you to a blog post about the project:

Italy Trip
Italy 2018 saw my friend Morgyn and I, city hopping from our base in Carrara, Italy. We made our way from Florence to Cinque Terre and had a fun time photographing it all! It saw the birth of #eboniivorymovingpictures on Instagram, a tradition I still keep up with today!

USA Trip

This trip was less of a dedicated blogging trip and more of a fun road trip adventure, which I mainly documented on Instagram and YouTube. Myself and Shermin lived our best lives jumping between LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. This was the type of trip I will be telling my grandchildren about!
Kia Campaign
I received an exciting email from the PR team behind KIA, last year. They wanted to give me a car for me and my friends to take on a road trip in search of the most Instagrammable places in the UK - I was speechless! This was my first big project with an even bigger brand. We had so much fun.

Harry Potter Studio Tour
I was kindly gifted this experience, and what a day it was! I had been waiting years to be able to visit the Harry Potter Studio in Watford. I had a wonderful time with (my now boyfriend) hanging out in the Forbidden Forest, drinking Butterbeer (and casting love potions apparently ;) )

Czech Republic Press Trip
This was a lovely way to end 2018, with my first ever organised press trip. I had a lovely time in the Czech Republic. I was extremely grateful to be invited and had a lot of fun creating content and relaxing in the spa.
Although my blog seems to be a slow progression, especially in terms of my Instagram following (that darn algorithm though!?) I have many reasons to celebrate what I have achieved this past year, and what I have to look forward to for EBONI + IVORY.

I quit a job for blogging
As it turns out, I happen to be writing this post whilst simultaneously working my final shift at the job I just quit! No, no, I am not quite a full time blogger just yet! I had been balancing 5 jobs at the same time, and with blogging picking up, I felt it was necessary to drop one of my jobs. It was a tough decision. I have been working part time at two theatres for the last year and a half. It is an easy job with decent pay, but had become a sort of financial safety blanket that I think I had gotten a little too comfortable with. When I thought about all the evenings I would be able to reclaim and the extra time I could put into blogging and acting, the idea of leaving became a much easier pill to swallow.
And I did! So starting this month, I will be dedicating a little more time to blogging, bringing me one step closer to owning a full-time business I guess (*gulps*).

I’m finally being paid for my work!
In the midst of all the talk (and drama) surrounding the new ASA guidelines, you may have noticed lot's of bloggers now continuously declaring their gifted and paid collaborations. I am one of these bloggers! If you follow me on my social media, you may have noticed my own declarations, and that is because I am in a fortunate position where I am able to charge for some of the work I do as a blogger. I do still work on collaboration basis, which is speckled between my paid work.
I feel extremely lucky that my hobby and passion has turned into a "side-hustle" for me. I am very grateful to everyone who reads my blog, watched my videos and follows me on social media. Perhaps one day, it will become something I can pursue full time. I have always said my dream would be to get paid to travel the world creating content!

What’s next?
Well, alongside a part-time evening job and between auditions and performances, EBONI + IVORY will, hopefully, continue to thrive. I am aiming to improve the quality of my blogging work, always and to keep inspiring people with what I do.
I am hoping to book some more travel bits and bobs throughout 2019, as that is my favourite content to create. I also love my fashion and lifestyle posts, where style meets locations and I get to share my adventures with you.

I love blogging, so thank you if you have played any part in my journey.
Cheers to three years!

Eb x

all images by Justina Naravaite

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