Secret 'Instagrammable' Rooftop in Florence

Secret 'Instagrammable' Rooftop in Florence

Hey Guys,
Today marks about a year since my last big batch of travelling. After an amazing trip to Italy and then North America, I truly miss getting out and about in the world (I have been plotting and scheming my next adventure though!)
Whilst in Florence, I decided to make it my mission to find the location that had taken my breath away on Instagram time and time again. Various big fashion bloggers had done some of their best posing and pouting on a rooftop in front of the gorgeous Duomo. I found it near impossible to locate the exact rooftop. Google searches had left me high and dry and I was close to accepting that perhaps this blogger bucket list item would be left unticked...
However, as fate would have it, a couple of weeks before I was due in Florence, a male blogger, by the name of Benjarmin, happened to post that he was on that exact rooftop! A few messages later, and the location directions were mine!I am absolutely chuffed to have found this gorgeous view point.
The journey up to the roof was via a gorgeous, ornate, Italian lift that you had to open and close yourself. It rose up to about the fifth floor where we had to complete the rest on foot. An pool of light, flooding from a single door, showed us the way. It was probably one of the most magical moments of my life and absolutely took my breath away, as you can probably tell from this!
Check out this YouTube video to see my genuine, real-time reaction to this spot.

Eb x

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