Travel Guide: Amsterdam

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 I am half Dutch. My mum and dad met in Amsterdam, but seen as my father passed away when I was very, very young, I have never felt the strong connection to Holland. That was until I went to Amsterdam.

LUSH, Oxford Street

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Last week I found myself in central London for an event and thought I’d pop into a few shops on Oxford Street and check out the sales. As it was a Saturday afternoon, it was so busy and I really don’t like crowds so I didn’t spend too long or go into many shops, however I did make an impeccable decision to go into LUSH for the first time in the Flagship store. It was amazing!

My YouTube Channel is LIVE!

Hey Guys,

I am extremely excited (and also a lil anxious) to be sharing the news that my YouTube channel is LIVE! eeek!!!

I have been blogging since February this year and feel like this was a natural progression. I will be "YouTubing" (omg is that a word I use now?!) about everything and anything! It will be a mix of vlogs of exciting things and also informal chats about everything from beauty to style and life! 

My Favourite Sale; Tea Party Launch

Hey Guys,

Last week I was invited to the My Favourite Sale Tea Party Launch event. I thought I’d do a quick lil sum-up of the event with s photo diary!
The event was held at the beautiful Home House, in the annex. It is a private members club so it was wonderfully fancy by my standards!
We started off in the bar with some drinks and a little networking. 


Hey Guys,

That's right, you read it correctly! I am holding my first ever Giveaway! I am so excited to be running this Giveaway as I love CaseApp. If you have read my previous post about CaseApp (here) you will know how sleek/cute/fun their products are! 

CaseApp have hundreds of designs for phone cases, laptop skins, iPad cases and skins and more! There are pre-set designs and also the option to custom-design your own! So with a £22/€22 voucher, you can go wild! 

The Rafflecopter is set up below. Remember, the more tasks you complete, the better your chances of winning! 

Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Creating a Blogger's Media Kit

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So today's post is going to be about how I designed and created my Media Kit/ Press Pack for EBONI + IVORY. 
I only started Blogging in February this year, but I have been interacting with quite a few brands and PR companies, some of whom have requested a Media Kit. I am by no means a designer, but with a little research I like to think I created a good beginner's pack! So I am going to share mine with you and give you some Top Tips on creating your own!

OGX Haircare REVIEW*

Hey Guys,

So I was recently gifted with the OGX "Argan Oil of Morocco (Extra Strength)" range. I am always in search for products that will nourish and repair my mixed-race, curly hair, so I jumped at the opportunity to review this range in particular.

I'm sure we have all heard of the wonderful benefits of Argan Oil in the hair. It was pretty much the "buzz word" in haircare for the past 5 years or so. I believe in the benefits of most oils for my hair type. I currently use coconut oil and caster oil for my hair. These Argan Oil products fit perfectly into my routine. 

"Luxury meets strength. This adaption of an OGX favorite helps deliver superior hydration with a thicker and creamier formula. Made with silk proteins and argan oil, it helps leave your hair lush, soft and luxurious." -
This "in-shower" oil can be applied by adding a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner for an extra boost. It can also be used in your hair as a pre-shower treatment or afterwards as a split-end mender! Lastly, you can use this oil as a body moisturiser! The posibilities are endless!

My Review

After trying all of these products, I can say that my hair does feel noticibly softer. I noticed this the most when combing through my hair a day after my first use. My hair was easier to manage and softer to the touch. The products smell wonderful and are a joy to use.
I use the shampoo as and when I feel I need it. Otherwise (for non-dirty hair) I just use the conditioner on the ends of my hair. 
 I have used the shower oil as a post wash treatment as I suffer from split ends at the moment. I apply a couple of drops to my scalp and massage in, then apply some to my finger tips and run through the ends of my hair. I usually wash my hair in the evening so I will then plait my hair to seal in the moisture and oil and allow to dry overnight. 
As I don't wash my hair everyday, I also like to use the oil as a daily hair oil by applying a tiny amount through the ends to eliminate frizz and add shine. 

I hope this post was useful for you. Let me know if you have ever tried OGX products before and what did you think? Or if you are thinking of trying this one? You can leave me a comment here or Tweet me @ebonidixon :)  

Eb x

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit - Candy K REVIEW

Hey Guys,

So I recently won a Twitter competition set by the lovely Gweni over at / @g_beauty_blog. She was kind enough to give away a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in "Candy K"! :O 
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this baby after all the social media hype, I needed to see for myself. 

Here is a swatch:

And some images of me wearing the matte liquid lipstick and lip-liner in "Candy K": 

I honestly really love this product. It was my first time using a liquid lipstick and a matte one at that! I have read some bad press about the lip kit's wands being damaged and the product being "drying", but I think I had an updated version as I had the foam applicator, not the brush. I am also sitting here wearing the lipstick and have to say it is extremely comfortable and durable. It has not dried my lips at all and has maintained a strong colour. I imagine if I started eating, this may not be the case for very long, but generally it is great. 
Be warned; durability comes with a cost- trying to get it off! You will need a heavy duty make up remover. Micellar water just about got that swatch off with a little scrubbing. But don't scrub your lips! 

Overall, I have no complaints about this product. I think the colour really suits me and is every-day wearable. I would say that I need a little practice of the lip-liner or to ditch it all together as I feel it is a little too dark compared to the lipstick. 


Eb x

BARBU at London Wonderground

"Daring, daft and sexy as hell! Packed with astonishing acrobatics and perfectly-groomed beards, this is cabaret but not as you know it. Performed by one of the world’s greatest circus companies – Canada’s Cirque Alfonse."-

Hey Guys,

I recently had a super random afternoon! I met my friend Cairro after work for a chill/catch up on London's Southbank. As we were chatting by the Underbelly, one of our mutual friends spotted us and came over. It turns out she was working at the venue and invited us to come and watch the show that was starting any minute! 

We had no idea what we were about to watch. No expectations or anything! As we entered the venue, the interior was like a circus tent. Dim, atmospheric lighting and ringside seating greeted us. Cairro and I chose seats right next to the stage (something I would recommend if you like booties shaking in your face and audience interaction XD)

Without giving too much away, this show combines cirque, acrobatics, burlesque, comedy and live music to create an extremely high energy, pacy show! I was constantly sat, mouth gaping at all the talented performers. 
Clapping, laughing and gasping were the noises to be heard from the audience, and this company certainly seemed to be loving every second of it; lapping up the praise and rewarding us with bare bottoms!

BARBU is a show created by the Canadian company "Cirque Alfonso"Here is what they say about the show:

"ARBU Electro Trad Cabaret delves into the origins of the circus in Montreal at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Imagine a fairground, where spectators are left spellbound by remarkable performances and outrageous feats, simple curiosities and unexpected eccentricities. Political correctness has no place in the mayhem of this show. In scene after scene where music, video, circus and general craziness collide, each performer wows the audience with a showcase of spectacular skills. May the best beard win! Backed by a frenetic electro-trad band, the Cirque Alfonse clan strays dangerously close to the edge in this exuberant circus rave." -

The show is running until September 25th 2016. My Top Tip would be to have a £1 coin handy and thank me later ;)

Useful info:

Suitable for ages 16+

Running time 75 minutes 
To book phone: 0844 545 8282 

Let me know if you go and what you think of it! @ebonidixon 

Eb x

Top 15 Festival Essentials

My Top 15 Festival Essentials!

Hey Guys,

So with Festival season underway, I have put together a list of my 15 Festival "Must-Have" items! I hope this helps for all of you who may be packing to head off for a weekend of music, fun and dancing! Some of these may sound pretty standard, some may surprise you!

1. Dry Shampoo

A beauty must have for a weekend of camping at a music festival! Give yourself a little refresh before you sleep or first thing in the morning. This TRESemme Instant Refresh Smells really good! 

2. Portable Phone Charger

I've got two of these bad boys from Tiger! A must have for Bloggers while away in the countryside! It will save you having to leave your phone at a charging tent. Just leave your portable charger instead! They are around £5 and come in a choice of colours. 

3. Water

Water is so important to stay fit and healthy at a festival. No doubt you will be doing a lot of walking, dancing and drinking ;) Water will help you stay refreshed! 

4. Face/body Wipes

I think this is in my top 3 must-haves at a festival! Baby Wipes are a god send when it comes to feeling clean at a festival. Pack a nice big pack (or two) and thank me later! These Simple wipes are great for taking off all that glitter and gunk at the end of the day. 

5. Hair Accessories

A festival look wouldn't be complete without a flower crown! Check out most high street shops arounf summer time for a great selection. How about adding feathers or metal chains for a unique vibe?

6. Glitter Make Up 

I feel like festivals, carnival and fancy dress nights are the only time you can get away with crazy glitter make up! Make the most of it!

7. Bright Lipstick

Bright pinks, oranges, blues, purples, reds...It's all a must-do for festivals looks! Check out Illamasqua for crazy lipstick shades!

8. Wellies/Waterproof boots

It is always guaranteed to rain at a British Music fest. Why sky, why?? Never mind, because we're totally prepared with a fab pair of the hottest rain boots! 

9. Rain Mac

As I was saying... Rain. An anorak or rain mac will certainly be your staple item for a lot of the time!

10. Compact Mirror

A little mirror will help when applying make up in your tent. Make it compact so it's not likely to break whilst travelling. 

11. Battery-Powered Fairy Lights

I have been to a fair few festivals and I always pack some little fairly lights to make my tent cosy and give me a wide wash of light rather than a spotlight that you have to hold like a torch. Primark have some just like these for £2.50! Bargain!

12. Cash and safe storage

You have to be so careful with your valuables at festivals. A bum bag/fanny pack will prove super useful as it is hands-free and often has lots of pockets to keep your phone/ID/Money. The cherry on the cake is how pretty they can be! Loads of retailers are starting to stock the most fashionable fanny packs you've ever seen!  

13. Spray Deodorant

I am usually a roll-on deo kinda gal, but for festivals, I like to take a little travel-sized spray deodorant as well, just to feel that extra bit fresher! (It's also great for a quick spritz in those smelly portaloos!)

14. Booze (OVER 18's!)

Now, you have to check on the website of your festival and make sure they allow booze in! If they do, happy days! Don't take any glass or it will be confiscated! Those boxes of wine that come in bags are great! As well as cans. Some companies also do plastic bottles in the lead up to summer. Lidl and Aldi are great for cheap booze!

15. Food!

Don't get me wrong, festival food can be super yummy as a treat. But to avoid back to back meals of junk and pricey deals, bring some of your own food to get you through. Snack bars and cereal bars are great. As well as dried fruit, crackers, hummous and yogurt tubes. 

That's it guys! I hope I gave you some good ideas if you are heading off this summer. Let me know if you think I've missed anything or if you thought any of these were genius!

Eb x

Case App!*

Hey Guys,

I was recently contacted by Case App asking if I wanted to try out their Skins and Cases. At the time, I had been searching Ebay for a Marble Laptop skin but hadn't found anything that I like so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a Case App Skin! 

The website is super easy to navigate. You are able to create your own custom iPhone case or android case with your own images/design or browse through their extensive catalogue of pre-designed cases and skins.

I wanted to match my laptop, iPhone and iPad so I had a look through the pre-designed skins and cases for a marble effect. I found the "Carrara Marble" was my fav so got busy ordering!

Laptop Skin:
iPad Skin:
iPhone 5C Case:
My case and skins arrived just a few days later in a stirdy, non-folding envelope. I was worried about applying the skins properly but it ended up being super easy! My top tip would be to take it slowly and smooth out any air pockets!

I am really pleased with my new covers. I feel like a proper blogger with all this Marble, Flat-Lay goodness going on!

Fancy owning your own Case App Design? Here is a 20% Discount Code for my lovely readers:

Send me pictures of your Case App goodies via Twitter @ebonidixon

Eb x

Impulse Island with Charli XCX

Hey Guys,

So a few weeks ago I received an exciting email from Impulse Fragrances regarding a competition I had completely forgotten I entered! I had won 2 VIP tickets to watch Charli XCX perform on Impulse Island! Which meant travel and accommodation was provided for me and my guest, plus hair and makeup!

I was super excited and invited my best friend Naomi. I have seen Charli XCX perform before at G-A-Y in London a couple of years ago and so I was looking forward to this event a lot!

Here is a photo diary of my time on the Island! I hope you enjoy!

June Favourites

Hey Guys,

Thank you for joining me for my June Favs round-up! Featuring food, flowers, facials and fun! This is my first "Favourites" post, so I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for July!!

1.Revolution eyeshadow pallette
I LOVEE this pallette! I purchased this beaut from Superdrug. It is a matte-nudes type set and is perfect for everyday wear. At only £4, this is a must have staple for make-up lovers!

2. Caramel and sea salt dark Lindt choc
OMG! Who loves dark chocolate? Raise your hand! This is your next purchase! I tried this for the first time in June and fell in love. I am a big fan of contrasting flavours and this certainly satisfies my pallette! Can often find Lidnt bars on offer at £1.50.

3. Patches
I am loving this trend at the moment! This cute Primark top was £6. I have worn this a number of times in June and think I will experiment with layering under a denim pinafore dress in July :)

4. Magnitone*
I recently worked with Magnitone trialing their Full Monty set for a QVC "Before and After" feature. I can honestly say, this brush has really helped clear up my skin! It fits very easily into my usual night-time skincare routine and has made noticible differences. The full monty kit retails at £130, although there are cheaper Magnitone sets. 
5. Tiger Homeware
Tiger is just one of my favourite shops ever! I always find something for myself or someone else in here. You will notice a lot of my Blog photography features a Tiger product. This "e" coaster was only £1!

6. Canon 500D
After a couple of months blogging, I decided to invest in a dslr camera to take my blog photographs and to potentially start a YouTube channel! This is a Canon 500D I picked up for an amazing £120 on Gumtree! This is most certainly a BARGAIN FIND. However, I would suggest that if buying anything from Gumtree, to meet up in person in a public place and try before you buy! 
7. Heaven Hydrogel*
I was sent this product from the lovely Lauren at Heaven Skincare. It is a Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel which tones, moisturises and primes the face. I love using this product after my morning cleanse, just before putting on make up. It is cooling, refreshing and light. 
8. House Plants/Flowers
I have recently really got into the habbit of buying fresh flowers to decorate my home. I love Scandinavian/Nordic homeware styles and the idea of bringing nature into the home. This cacti is from Poundland and the fake grass is Ikea!
9. Coconut Oil
I don't think Coconut Oil is a june fav, it is a LIFE fav!! I use Coconut Oil for everything! I apply a small amount to my eyelids, under eyes and lips at night. I also use it on my entire body as a moituriser. Coconut Oil is virtually odorless, so I sometimes use a sweeter smelling moisturiser on top for daytime. I would recommend looking for this in a supermarket "World Foods" aisle. I last picked up two huge tubs at 2 for £4! Avoid shops like Holland and Barratt and Whole Foods as they can sell there for over £10! 
10. Inside Out Film
I watched this film for the first time this month when it came onto a Sky Movie channel. It was such a great film! I laughed, I cried and I went away with a really lovely message. I recommend this one for adults and children! 
11. Case App*

Case App were kind enough to send me a few of their products to try. I have the Marble Laptop Skin, the Marble Phone Cover and the Marble iPad Skin. These are super easy to apply and look great too! You can even custmise them! Stay tuned for a full blog post on these including a Discount Code and GIVEAWAY!

Which is your fav??? Let me know via Twitter...

Eb x

Pontins: Hell on Earth

Hey Guys,
So I’m not really the type of person to sit here and write a horrible blog post. I find that when sh*t happens, I like to turn the negative energy into something positive. I do this a lot when it comes to relationships and dating. When something goes extremely well, or extremely badly, writing poetry and spoken word is something I turn to, to express my emotions. 

Which leads me to this post... As you can see from the title, this is a strongly opinionated post regarding my recent visit to Pontins: Camber Sands. I wrote this poem/spoken word piece to try and characterise how I felt about my unfortunate two night’s stay. I read it to one of my close friends the other day and we both laughed about it. So I hope you can also find the humour in the whole experience and that it inspires you to take any of your own negativity and channel it into something you can laugh about one day! 

Enjoy x

Pontins: Hell on Earth

The cold sweat of Pontins Camber Sands lingers like a bad dream.
The air rising but not quite reaching noses;
Being trapped by the thousands of bodies that swarm its site.

The ironically uninviting rainbow sign is approached by the many cars that dare to grace the seventies waste dump.
Where the best of British lads and chavs bring their mini-me's to continue in the flow of rowdy drink and "banter",
Like a home away from home.

Half dressed children are like buy one-get one free in this place.
Drooping nappies and screaming lungs run about the place
Clutching onto the latest Poundland toys,
Hands dripping in canteen Slush Puppy. 

The rows and rows and rows of "Chalet" apartments echo the worst kind of Benidorm resort.
Only the weather, dried out tea bags and disposable bbq's that line the concrete, remind you of your English residence.

Only the basic house supplies greet you- a toilet and sink.
Yes, you must provide your own sheets, towels, food, toilet paper, soap etc etc etc.
The many failed attempts not to scold yourself under the boiling water leads me to find the positivity-
If I can't avoid the germs, at least I can burn them off!

The arcade seems to be the best daytime entertainment,
After trying to source the outdoor activities
and finding that they were all "closed for refurbishment".

The appealing flashing lights and intriguing sounds lure children in to discover their first taste at gambling.
Staring blankly at machines,
Inserting endless pennies and pounds to win tickets that add up to...
PRIZES (a Poundshop toy circa 2003).

Evening entertainment allowed the most cynical and bitter "inner me" a chance to express her hate and outrage for the worst show on earth.
Wannabe West End Stars and talentless Children's Tv presenters were this week’s line-up.
These teens seeming to ooze with the amount energy that relates to their time working as a Blue Coat.
Six-week- Sam was hopping all over like a Duracell bunny, not quite knowing any of the dances.
Whilst six-month-Suzie was in her last week of employment (and not afraid to show it!) - bless.

All in all, after the worst food, worst sleep and worst two days of my recent memory. 
I can finally conclude;
That Pontins is; 
Hell on Earth

Eb x