Egyptian Street Food in London

Hey Guys,

I was recently invited by the team at Koshari Street, to come and try something from their menu. I love trying new food, especially dishes that derive from other counties and cultures, so was happy to pop along on a Friday lunchtime! 
I took my friend Shermin, who is vegan, as they have many vegan and vegetarian options - so I thought it would be great for her. We arrived around midday and couldn't wait to discover what "Koshari" really was...

Self-Drive Boating with Go Boat London

Hey Guys,

I was recently able to add a new key skill to my CV - “sailor”. Okay maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but the sentiment remains the same. Coincidentally, my email from Go Boat arrived just a day after I had watched the film Adrift (and cried) luckily for me, my experience was nothing like the movie Adrift...

I was kindly invited, along with 7 of my friends, to test drive a Go Boat, at their newest branch opening - Kingston upon Thames! I am not one to turn down an adventure, so I of course arranged a trip right away.

An Instagram Guide to: Portsmouth

Hey Guys,

This year has been whisking me away to the British south coast time and time again! From a recent press trip to Southampton, to my family holiday in Littlehampton and now, a trip to Portsmouth! I was kindly offered the chance to discover Portsmouth as part of a press trip to the Mary Rose Museum. I of course took the opportunity to also create lots of lovely Instagram content and put together this blog post for all you snappy, insta-lovers, who would also like to find some seriously cool backgrounds! Make sure to give me a follow on Instagram ( and let me know if you find any of these locations yourself by tagging me! Enjoy!

Exploring The Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth

Hey Guys,

Now, I am the first to jump at the opportunity for a bit of an adventure, to learn something new and for a bit of exploring. So when the chance came up to visit a new city and create content around an exciting exhibition, I couldn't wait!
I was kindly invited to Portsmouth to explore the wonderful Mary Rose Museum. Set within Portsmouth's Historic DockyardI had a great time learning all about this fantastic ship. From Henry VIII to all of the crew members (even the ship's dog) up until it's sinking and eventual excavation!

Keep reading to explore the hidden treasures along with me. Make sure you stay to the end, where I will be sharing a super special 25% off entry code with you!

Royal Afternoon Tea in the Clouds with Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

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As you may have noticed from the sudden influx in Portsmouth content on my blog; I went to Portsmouth! It was during this visit that myself and my blogger pal Hebe were kindly invited by the team at Emirates Spinnaker Tower to sample the delightful Royal High Tea to celebrate Queen Victoria's 200th birthday! It was a wonderful experience. I am no stranger to Afternoon Tea, it is one of my favourite things to do here in the UK. I have a whole section dedicated to Afternoon Tea here on EBONI + IVORY should you wish to delve deeper into my obsession!

A Weekend in Shoreditch with Point a. Hotels

Hey Guys,

Last weekend was a lovely one. I planned an evening in Shoreditch with my wonderful partner. We had a date night, followed by a complimentary stay with Point a. Hotel, Liverpool StreetKeep reading for ideas for your planning your own date night and for a closer look inside Point a...