20 Stay At Home Ideas: Fun, Productive and Chill

20 Stay At Home Ideas: Fun, Productive and Chill

Hey Guys,
With the current state of affairs in the world, I thought I would put together this list of things you can do at home whilst you're, like me, self-isolating! I hope this inspires your days indoors during this tough time. 

20 Stay At Home Ideas - Fun, Productive and Chill

1. Bake/Cook - Have a look at what you've got in the kitchen and google a related recipe. I love baking brownies at the moment!
2. Pillow Fort and Movie Night - If, like me, you're lucky enough to own a projector, it's times like these that remind you why you purchased it at 3am on a Tuesday night. I loved building pillow/blanket forts when I was younger, and to be honest, that passion never went away. Take 2 sturdy pieces of furniture and a big throw blanket. Fill with pillows and make sure your projector/TV/laptop are in eyeshot. If you're extra like me, you'd add snacks and fairy lights. Et Voila! A few hours of cosy, pinterest goodness!
3. Start a TikTok - Yep, this is my life now; learning TikTok dances, re-editing old videos and creating new ones! This is by no means an #ad, but I can't recommend TikTok enough for content creators and creatives. It is an app that sits between YouTube and Insta Stories, though without the glossy filters and high budget production value. Anyone can do it - and that's why I love it! Follow me @eboniivoryblog (shameless self promo).
4. Read More - That book you have been putting off starting for weeks (probably because you became addicted to TikTok - sorryy) can finally be opened. Mine is "Noughts and Crosses" by Malorie Blackman, which I recently purchased ahead of the TV series starting.
5. Home Work Out - Have a browse of YouTube and find a workout routine you can easily do from home. Whilst we're not getting as much day-to-day exercise as normal, this can be a great way to stay healthy.
6. Date Night - If you have a significant other living with you, how about planning a cute, restaurant-standard date night? Decide what type of restaurant you would like to "visit". One of you cooks and the other decorates. I think this is really cute!
7. Taxes (sorry) - This one definitely comes under the "productive" bracket. With April 1st fast approaching, maybe it's time to start inputting your receipts into a spreadsheet or working out how much you spent on your travel. Taxes for freelancers can be overwhelming, so getting a head start now while you can is great! "Do your future self a favour and work hard today".
8. Chores - This one is pretty self-explanatory and again, definitely a productive activity. Clean the bathroom, organise the kitchen cabinets, dust surfaces, change your bed sheets etc...
9. Spa Evening - This is my favourite thing to do on a Sunday night at home. Light a scented candle, have a thorough bath or shower and slip into your favourite cosy pyjamas. Paint your nails, do a face mask or hair mask and put on a nice film. You deserve it!
10. Get Arty - Have you got a creative flair? Do you have some picture frames that could use some jazzing up? Why not have a look online for some inspo, then use whatever materials you have to create some art. I love doing art with some nice music on in the background.
11. Skype Date with Friends and Family - Maybe just a general check in to see how each other is doing,  or perhaps a planned activity like cooking/eating dinner together or watching a film. There's no need to stop socialising because you're "social distancing".
12. Board Game - If there are people at home with you, how about a games night? Crack out a deck of cards and maybe a few cheeky cocktails.
13. Start a Blog - With so much free time, I feel like it's the perfect opportunity to start that blog you always wanted to. It's free, so why not!
14. Online Window Shopping - I'm not sure what the situation on home deliveries will be like soon, so how about just a bit of browsing? Catch up on the latest trends, plan future outfits and save items to your "favourites.
15. Start a YouTube channel - Because... why not! If you have something to say, then do!
16. Re-organise a room - Have you wondered what your bed would look like against the other wall? Or how much space you would save if you moved that chair over there? Get creative with your living space.
17. Binge a Netflix Series or Podcast Series - I cannot recommend this enough. As I write this post, I am currently on episode one of a new series I plan to get through today. I also have a blog post where you can find my recommended podcasts. I love to listen to podcasts whilst cleaning or painting.
18. Home Concert/Karaoke - When was the last time you listened to an album from start to finish as loud as you could (without annoying next door). Or had a good old sing-along to your favourites. Maybe even a lil karaoke into your hairbrush? I promise it is the best thing for your soul. Also goes great with tips 3 and 15!
19. Organise Clothes and Drawers - I did a lot of this a few weeks ago. I now have two huge piles ready to go off to charity shops as soon as possible. It felt amazing to rid my wardrobe of all the things I don't wear anymore, whilst also giving to a deserving cause. I also managed to pick out a few things to sell on my Depop shop, which has been a great little bit of extra income to help fund my blogging habit hobby.
20. Meditate - After all those activities, your mind deserves a rest! I like to meditate with calming background sounds I find on YouTube. There are also lot's of apps that cater to all people of different meditation experience.
I hope you are okay, wherever you are, wherever you are reading this. Let's try to stay positive and active. 
Eb x


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been self-isolating for the past week and I am starting to run out of things to do to keep me occupied. This post has given me some other ideas for this week.

    1. Thank you so muck Sarah! I have also been self isolating! Some days are more productive than others, but its good to stay active and positive :)
      Eboni x

  2. Nice written!! I have been a big fan of your blogs. thanks


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