Sunday, 20 May 2018

An Instagram Guide to Los Angeles | The Most Gram-Worthy Spots!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

An Instagram Guide to Los Angeles | The Most Gram-Worthy Spots!

Hey Guys,

I recently got back from sunny stateside. Myself and my close friend Shermin explored both coasts, through the cities of LA, Las Vegas, San Fransisco and New York. Not only did I document the entire trip through vlogs on my YouTube channel, but I also made sure to snap lots of beautiful pictures to fill up my Instagram feed!

This blog post will take you on a virtual Instagram tour of LA. I will show you some of my favourite spots alongside the posts from my Instagram!

An Instagram Guide to Los Angeles | The Most Gram-Worthy Spots!

Sprinkles Cupcakes, Beverly Hills

9635 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

How could a sane person (or blogger) possibly walk past this wonderfully coloured building that dispenses cupcakes and not stop and take a photo?! I knew I wanted to find the Sprinkles ATM whilst in the States and it did not disappoint. Not only did I get the perfect cute image for my insta, but I got to enjoy a yummy caramel cupcake (it was delish!)


Coin Laundry
(various locations)

A coin laundry is somewhere I've always wanted to take a cute picture and luckily, they can be found in most cities around the world, so recreating this picture doesn't mean a flight out to LA (unfortunately!)
This coin laundry was found just a few blocks from Venice Beach. It had lots of natural light flooding the windows to this row of washing machines. We asked the owner if we could take a couple of snaps and she was happy for us to! I'd recommend heading in at a quiet time to avoid people in the background and weird stares!

LAMCA Lights
5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA

This is a classic Instagram spot of LA that needs little introduction. The Urban Lights is a sculpture that can be found on the grounds of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art‎. I've seen so many pictures of bloggers posing here so I knew I wasn't going for unique creativity, but I loved picking the right outfit and finding a good pose at the exact right moment (when there weren't hundreds of other tourists lurking behind me!)

Flower Walls
(various locations)

OK, so this is a bit of a vague location, but for this one, it is a case of keeping your eyes peeled and being prepared to stop! We found this wall whilst exploring the streets just off Melrose Avenue. It went perfectly with my dress from Joanie Clothing, so we took the opportunity! There are plenty of beautiful bushes to choose from all over LA!

 Paul Smith, Melrose
8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA

The pink Paul Smith wall is another iconic location for a good gram-worthy photo. It is located on Melrose Avenue and to be honest, you can't miss it! It is a huge wall painted entirely pink. Co-ordinating with this wall was easy; I picked the brightest jacket I owned! I love how sunny and "LA" this photo came out. Deffo look 100 times cooler than I am! 
My top tip for this location is to beware of all the bloggers and instagrammers trying to catch their perfect shot. Also, have a lovely chat with the security guard, he's really nice and will help you bend the rules regarding where the photographer and "model" (using that term lightly here) has to stand. Legally speaking, if you are using a DSLR type camera, the photographer needs to be on the other side of a wall (iPhones are ok).


Made in LA, Melrose
Cisco Home, 8025 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

If the Paul Smith wall wasn't enough for you and you want another, head north to the Made in L.A. sign! Just a short walk from the pink wall, this one is just as great! 

Venice Beach

Pacific Ave & Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA

Not only is Venice Beach worth the journey for a beautiful day in this quirky town, but it is also full of photo opportunities! From the lifeguard towers to the infamous muscle beach, this area is sure to make some great grams. 
Even when we came to take pictures under the sign you see in here, there was a full blown fashion shoot happening with cameras, lights and a crew!

In-N-Out Burger
(various locations)

Talk about killing two birds with one stone, In'N'Out burger was top of my list! We don't have In'N'Out in the UK, so I was eager to get a picture here (and have a taste of the food!) Although the fries were not quite as good as I thought they'd be, my photo didn't disappoint! Whats d'ya think?

Carrera Cafe, Melrose
8251 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA

The final destination of our whistle-stop tour is the Carrera Cafe wall. This cafe is probably most famously known for their printed coffee art (they can print photographs and logos into latte foam!) Unfortunately, I had no idea of that when I went there, so I only managed to get a couple of shots posed in front of their beautiful flower wall! I'd recommend grabbing a personalised coffee when you visit, they look insane!


There you have it! My instagram guide to LA! I managed to fit all of these visits within a couple of weeks. I am aware there are tons more that I haven't mentioned, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel and LA river, for example. That just means I will have to return to California for a second trip and create a "part 2" to this blog post doesn't it!
If you made it this far, let me know what your favourite location was and if you will be using this guide for your trip! Also, make sure you head to YouTube to check out my LA vlogs and Videos!

Eb x

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

My Top 10 Favourite Scents

Thursday, 26 April 2018

My Top 10 Favourite Scents

Hey Guys,

OK, so this post is probably going to make it to my top 5 weirdest blog posts... ok, top 3. However, for those of you who, like me, fall within the small percentage of the population who have super sensitive nasal passages, you will love this post. We're going to be talking all things smelly, from carpet stores, swimming pools and deodorant for men!

I know my mood can be instantly lifted or dropped with the whiff of a specific scent. I also find that a lot of my fond memories are connected to a smell, so I put a high level of importance on powerful scents. Here is my carefully curated list of my top 10 good - smelling things.

1. Carpet Shops

I told you this was going to be a weird blog post. OK, so hands up who can relate? Ever since I was a child, I have had an obsession with the smell of carpet shops. In fact, I had a few smell addictions as a kid, including carpet shops and paper money (lol)I don't know what it is, but fresh carpet really gets my nostrils going. 

2. Bakeries

From cake to bread, pastries and puff tarts, who doesn't love this smell?! There is a bread store on my bus route and when I come home from work at around 11pm, they are just starting to bake the bread for the morning. As the bus drives past, there is a sudden audible sharp intake of breath as the whole bus takes in the smell of the rising dough and crusty loaves - it's heavenly. 

3. Swimming Pools

Another childhood fav. I used to love going swimming and the smell of chlorine water reminds me of summer holiday trips to the local leisure centre with my mum and going swimming in the hotel pool on holiday. I was a total water baby. 

4. The smell of a significant other

When I'm in a relationship, the smell of my partner becomes extremely significant for me. From their deodorant to their aftershave and even the natural smell of their skin. The smell is a constant and sudden reminder of that person and it can be comforting as well as attractive! 
I'm sure this also works both ways, so I like to make sure that I smell nice for my partner. I've written about my go-to fragrances in blog posts before if you ever wondered what I smell like!

5. Fresh bed sheets

There is no other feeling (or smell) than jumping out of a shower or bath and straight into the fresh sheets of a newly made bed. I love using fragrancy washing powder to make sure I will feel fresh and cosy when I put on new sheets or clothes. 

6. Freshly washed hair

This goes for me and for other people. I love the whiff of freshly washed hair. So satisfying!

7. DisneyLand

I can't put my finger on it, but DisneyLand has a distinct smell. Perhaps its the sweet treats from the stores of Main Street that float on the air. Or the faint smell of fireworks during the evening parade, or maybe its the smell of my happiness and joy. Whatever it is, its amazing and I'm addicted. When can I go back?

8. The Circus

Unlike DisneyLand, I definitely know why I love the smell of the circus - the popcorn and candy floss!!! 
I used to love getting to go to the circus when I was younger. Whenever the big top would roll into town, my mum would treat me to a show. I loved the circus a lot, especially the sweet smell!

9. Scented Candles 

Most people probably like the smell of scented candles (I mean, that is their main function). However I don't like all scented candles. Some are a little too sweet and sickly (I'm looking at you autumnal pumpkin spiced birthday sugar cake). My nasal palette tends to lean towards more  earthy scents such as bergamot, fig and vanilla.

10. The inside of a fresh, clean minicab

So this is basically, a clean car interior with one of those smelly pine tree mirror ornaments. I remember getting minicabs with my mum as a child and I was obsessed with the car smell! I think it was a combination of the clean leather and vanilla pine tree scents.

There you have it! My top 10 favourite smells. I could have probably gone on for way longer but I think 10 was enough. 
Please let me know if you strongly agree with any of these, or if you think I have missed any from this list!

Eb x

*this is a sponsored post*


All images by Jon Vera

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Sunday, 25 March 2018

My Athleisure Style

Sunday, 25 March 2018

My Athleisure Style

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I last had a London-based shoot for my blog. After traveling all over Italy in sunny dresses and shades, I was brought right back to earth when I arrived home to snowy London. I needed to revert back to my more practical wardrobe, let's say, which includes a whole lot of "comfy clothes" or "Athleisure-wear" as it's known in the FASHUN industry.

From comfy women's joggers, to oversized sweaters and trainers, it's not hard to see the benefits of jumping aboard this trend. I think of it as being "airplane-ready, all the time" - looking great but feeling even better!

This week I created a look that was based on the athleisure trend. I have barely taken these trousers off since purchasing in the River Island sale. I quickly decided that they will be my London to LA airplane clothes this week when I jet off. My aim is to look as put together as a celebrity stepping off their private jet... fingers crossed for me!


I love a statement trouser, as you may have gathered from previous fashion posts like this one where I rock a bold red and this one where I strut into Spring with pink. So it's no surprise that these funky striped trousers spoke to me. In fact, they called out to me from the River Island sale rack like Rose to Jack. Only difference is, I saved these... (ooo burn!)


Details and accessories are minimal and effortless. I experimented with these on-trend narrow cat-eye sunglasses that I picked up for pennies in Primark. I wasn't sure they would suit me but I loved the final result when paired with a sporty-luxe look. I also kept my signature gold hoop earrings as well as my Casio watch in a Nintendo-grey. I love this watch, it is my number one go-to for practicality and works well here. 

I love the mustard LOTD faux-leather biker jacket a lot. I must say, I haven't had much opportunity to style it up, but with the right outfit, it looks great! I paired it on top with a Boohoo cropped cami in a scuba material. Perhaps it is a top that should be saved for a sunnier day (perfect when I hop off the plane at LAX).
I also tried a different jacket to give an even more laid-back vibe. Puffer jackets were huge last year an I picked up a cropped, hooded one. When taking away the pop of colour from the mustard, the look is automatically muted and a little more casual and sporty. 


I love these New Balance trainers. They are the most comfortable trainers I have ever owned and they go with so many outfits! I couldn't find these exact ones anywhere online so I have linked some similar.

I have extremely strong feelings of love and lust towards athleisure wear. As I get older, the more important it is to look good and feel good. Gone are the days of blister-making shoes and super tight, mini skirts that are freezing and impractical. Time to get cosy!

What are your thoughts on the Athleisure trend? Love it or hate it? 

Eb x

*This is a sponsored blog post*
All images by Cairo Leon


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Sunday, 18 March 2018

10 Reasons Why I Love To Travel

Sunday, 18 March 2018

10 Reasons Why I Love To Travel

Hey Guys,

After recently arriving home from a beautiful trip to Italy and with another amazing month-long adventure in America coming up, I thought I would put together this list of the reasons I love to travel. 
Perhaps you love to travel too and this post will reaffirm your passion. Or maybe you are a little wary or afraid to head off on an adventure, I'd love to inspire you to head somewhere new!

10 Reasons Why I Love to Travel

1. Escape my "normal" life

Of course, I am well aware that I am extremely lucky to live in one of the most vibrant, beautiful and opportunistic cities in the world - London. I love London and will always feel at home within it's safe embrace. However, I am sometimes left feeling uninspired by my familiar surroundings and a little bored or frustrated with my day-to-day life. I get itchy feet that want to explore some new pavement. Travel gives me the time to escape London and return with a fresh charge of creative battery!

2. Learn about myself

I love when I travel and am faced with difficult or new challenges that allow me to flex new social muscles and learn something about myself. Whether that's my self-control when faced with all the pizza and pasta in Italy, or my foreign language skills that are very often put to the test. I have also come across situations and people who live very different lifestyle to me, with different values. I love how I learn to deal with these situations and embrace people for who they are regardless of how differently we live our lives. 

3. Different settings are inspiring

Just a change of landscape; city to country, land to sea, can have a hugely positive affect on my creative side. I get major FOMO, and would hate to think that my London life meant I would never understand what it is to live by the sea or on a farm. Travelling allows me to fulfil my desires to experience all types of living, which in turn, unlocks a part of my brain that could never be stimulated in London. 

4. Weather change

Ah this is one is extremely important for health-related reasons. Vitimin D, warmth and sunshine is vital for human living in the same way it is vital for plants to thrive. I suffer mildly from weather-related depression and can sometimes feel down after facing a week of grey, rainy skies. A huge majority of people love the idea of a sunny beach holiday, whether thats to top up your tan, frolic in the sea or just have a quiet, slow paced getaway. I know I often desire a sunnier climate. I notice a huge difference in my mood and attitude because of it. 

5. Meet new people

It is fun to meet new people when on your travels. Whether thats at the local bar over a few drinks or whilst staying in your hostel, really great friendships can be formed in the most unlikely of places. I think its a great idea to make friends abroad, that was you can create a network of friends all over the world who you can visit!

6. Eat new food

If you are heading to a country known for their delectable cuisine, such as Italy, Jamaica, India or Mexico, enjoying your meals will probably be one of your trip highlights. There is no better time to try something new than whilst travelling. And don't be scared to ask for a recipe or look up a dish online, that way you can bring a taste of the country back home with you!
I remember the first time I got home from Italy after three months working and living with local families, I genuinely forgot what I used to eat before going away. I ended up making a lot of coffee, pizza and pasta!

7. I like flying

OK, fun fact - I actually love flying in airplanes. Not the annoying airport-y, security, waiting around, waking up at 4am bit. The take off, the cloud watching, the tiny toy town awe and appreciation for the captain after the safe-landing bit. There's something really special and humbling about being able to travel by plane. 

8. New activities

There are loads of things to get stuck into whilst travelling, many of which you couldn't do at home! For example, snorkeling, sky diving, jet skiing, fishing, hiking... the list can definitely go on! I love the doing things that I couldn't at home like The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, Harry Potter World at Universal Hollywood, hiking up to Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona, seeing a Broadway show or playing the slots in Vegas. There are so many special things to do and see that can only be done once you start travelling!

9. Shopping

The shoppinngggg! This one is pretty self-indulgent but I love going shopping in new places to see what is on offer! When I head to America in April, I can't wait to hit Sephora, Bath and Body Works and all the other great stores we don't have in the UK. It's also fun just to have a look around iconic places such as Rodeo Drive in LA or Bloomingdales in New York.

10. Appreciating "normal" life when I come home

And after all that travel and adventure. All those lessons learnt, food consumed and clothes bought, it is time to return home and look at where you live through fresh eyes. There really is no place like home after some time away.

Eb x

(images by Morgyn Cliff)
Shot on location at Casale Amati Country House

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Friday, 16 March 2018

Celebrating Two Years of EBONI + IVORY!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Celebrating Two Years of EBONI + IVORY!

Well, I didn’t expect to be writing this post so soon. It does not feel like two years has passed since I started my lil blog (on Wix btw... lol!) But here I am, tapping away on my phone’s notes app and I can honestly say that I can’t quite believe how much positive energy blogging and YouTubing has brought into my life (- though I am still super new to YouTube! )

This month I found myself celebrating the big "2" in Cinque Terre, Italy, which was uh-mazing! I’m pretty sure the Weather God’s knew too, because the sun shone like mad as I looked out to the sea and took in what a journey I have been on! The images in this post were all shot by the wonderful Morgyn Cliff, overlooking the beautiful harbour of Manarola, Cinque Terre.

Blogging is certainly not an easy industry, and is one that comes with little reward in the early days. It is something to work hard at and reap benefits on a personal rather than social level. I always said I would stop as soon as I started to not enjoy it. I even forgot/didn’t bother to write up a 1 year blog-iversairy post incase I jinxed myself and decided to pack it all in weeks later. But I didn’t, and here I am, two years in (sorry I keep saying that, I am still trying to convince myself its true!) 

In the grand scheme of things and when comparing my blogging career to that of others (don’t do that) I am still occupying such a small, minute space and making micro-differences to people lives, but that is something I have come to terms with and am ok about - for now! 

For now, I like to see my blog (and YouTube channel) as a kind of diary that I update and can look back on in years to come. 

A sort of proof to the future world that yes, Eboni Dixon did exist! 

But I also have many hopes and ambitions for the future...

I am extremely lucky in that my blog has, over the past four or so months, turned into a small freelance job where I make a little bit of money here and there from sponsored posts. This has changed very little for me, except I can now justify all the equipment and things I have bought especially for my blog! I am very proud that though I am not your typical blonde-haired, slim, middle-class blogger with hundred of thousands of followers, I am defying the odds and monetising my blog! Very proud! 

But anyway, back to the future of EBONI + IVORY... 
I aptly have 2 huge goals for my next year - firstly, to grow my Instagram following significantly and organically and secondly, to increase and improve my YouTube content, to hopefully grow a larger audience of lovely people who like to watch my videos! I do think I need to create more of a “brand” and “genre” for myself in terms of YouTube, but for now, I will just film and upload what ever takes my fancy! I would also love to continue to grow and work with brands I love. To continue to take sponsored work and perhaps one day have this as a career! (In addition to my acting of course!)
I also love to travel (as you may have guessed) and I'm super excited to expand and improve my travel section. Whether that is working with tourism boards and hotels, or simply updating you guys on my trips. I have an epic month adventure planned in the USA coming up so can't wait to share lot's of new content!


I want to take this final moment to thank you. If you are reading this it means that I (hopefully) haven't bored you and that maybe you are a regular reader? If you are, thank you very much. I hope you will continue to stick with me on the journey to three years, whether you are a regular reader or just joined, let's smash this year!

Eb x

(images by Morgyn Cliff)


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