Relationship Status: Taken!

Hey Guys,

I wanted to write this post as a sort of ‘update’ to my love life. I have written a few times in the past about dating, relationships and being single. In the end, I think it has always boiled down to just wanting to be happy...
...And I am! 

I recently entered into a relationship with a wonderful man, director, comedian, writer, actor, son, brother and now, boyfriend! This is my first relationship in 6 years and it has been an interesting journey, to say the least. I won’t bore (or sicken) you to death by describing just how beautiful he is, inside and out, but I do want to talk about where I am at now and how I feel about my future as a taken gal! 

The Ultimate Spa Experience in the Czech Republic

Hey Guys,

Today's post is extremely special. I was kindly invited by Boho Travels on a press trip to the Czech town of Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad). Karlovy Vary is just a couple of hours west of Prague (where we landed) and just one hour ahead of London. We were picked up by a shuttle bus and whisked off into the Czech countryside to the beautiful spa town...

Ma Petite Jamaica, Camden

Hey Guys,

Last week I was treated to a wonderful meal, courtesy of Ma Petite Jamaica, a Caribbean-themed diner in the heart of Camden Town. I left the grey of London behind, in order to step inside the colourful, lively world of Ma Petite Jamaica...

Although we booked for 4pm, to avoid the evening rush, we still managed to arrive just in time to catch the last half an hour of a lively group party happening just a table away. There was music and joy filling the room, that gave me the idea that this would be a great place for a birthday celebration (not so much for the surrounding guests). Nethertheless, we didn't let the revellers stop us, and decided to order some drinks and starters...

We went for a plate of the BBQ Spare Ribs (£7.00) and a plate of 5 Jerk Wings (£9.50). They were generously portioned and absolutely delicious. 
There was no holding back when it came to the sauce - plenty of it and extremely tasty! I would say these two dishes were very similar, except the chicken wings were just a touch more spicy.

Jerk Wings
BBQ Spare Ribs
Two starters down and we were ready for our main courses! We ordered the Curried goat with rice n peas and fried plantain (£11.50) and the Brown stew chicken, basmati rice and coleslaw (£10.50). Both dishes came wonderfully presented and I was excited to dig in!
The brown stew was extremely tasty and moorish. I think the sauce was very similar to that used for the chicken wing starter, however, it tasted great and went well with the coleslaw and basmati rice. 
Unfortunately, although the curried goat tasted great, the dish was full of tiny, hard bones, which I have never experienced when eating curried goat before. This made it a little difficult to eat. Despite this, I still enjoyed the meal and loved the plantain. 

Curried Goat with rice n peas and plantain

Brown stew chicken, basmati rice and coleslaw

I loved my visit to Ma Petite Jamaica. As a Jamaican person myself, its great to see more commercial Caribbean restaurants popping up in London. I loved the warm, lively atmosphere of the space and would come back again to try something different from the menu!

Have you had Caribbean food before? What did you love most?

Eb x

Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

Hey Guys,

This time last week, my inner Harry Potter-fangirl was screaming with happiness as her dreams were made a reality; I finally got to go to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tour in London! 
Experience-day gifting specialists, Buy a Gift, were kind enough to gift me one of their "Smart Boxes". Smart Boxes are basically a way of gifting someone a selection of experience days that the recipient can choose from. It was within the "Ultimate Time Together" Smart Box that I found the Harry Potter Studio Tour and Lunch experience and I couldn't say no!

Feeling Like a Failure Whilst Succeeding...?

Hey Guys,

I recently attended the launch of Pandora's brand new "Reflexions" range. They were kind enough to send me one of the beautiful mesh bracelets in silver. I styled it up for this blog post, whilst being inspired by the theme of 'reflection'...
As I sit here, at my computer, many topics I could reflect on spring to mind. However, one theme in particular seems to be jumping out at me. It is the feeling that I am failing, whilst technically succeeding.

Autumn Styling with M&S

This is a sponsored blog post in collaboration with M&S Fashion.

This week, I was invited by the team at M&S Fashion, to head to the Kings Road branch and have a go a styling some outfits for Autumn! I loved wizzing around the store, supermarket sweep style, grabbing the items that most stood out to me. 
Trolly in hand, I managed to pick up quite a few bits, which ended in two fab outfits perfect for the colder months! 

Have a look at what I picked up and how I styled them up...

'Instagrammable' Things to See and Do in Covent Garden

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I decided to make the most of the final summery days in London and head to one of my favourite places - Covent Garden! My love for this beautiful area began aged 12 when I used to take dance and drama classes every Sunday at Pineapple Studios on Langley Street. Then at age 18 I got my first ever job at the flagship Build a Bear store which used to sit nestled next to the Disney Store in the main square (both have since shut down- boo!) So I am no stranger to this corner of London, but it is an area that pulls me back again and again. 

Covent Garden is a place to suit every season. Come Spring and Summer, the entire piazza is covered in floral arrangements, street performers pop up on every corner and the sun's rays cuts through the square, creating beautiful golden hours. Autumn/Winter brings the most magical christmas displays with shoppers and tourists flocking to enjoy the annual giant christmas tree, the rows and rows of fairy lights and gorgeous window displays. If you are visiting London, I would highly recommend you add Covent Garden to your itinerary. I would leave between half a day to a whole day to explore. This blog post will take you on a mini Instagram-tour of the cutest spots Covent Garden has to offer. The spending money for my trip was kindly gifted by, but all views are my own. 


Love at First Sight?

 Hey Guys,

It has been a while since I last wrote about relationships or dating. Namely, because my love life has been a walking disaster for the past few years. I have officially been single for just over five years, so I am no stranger to the dating game. I have been through a good few experiences; from online dating, to dating guys from work. None of which (for various reasons) have been fruitful...obviously. In this post I want to talk about where I am at now, how my mentality has changed when approaching dating and how I recently discovered that all the cliché advice single people get told, may have some truth to it.
Before we get started, I want to mention zappme, a brand new dating app to hit the market! They are kindly sponsoring this post so keep reading to find out more about them!

Chocolate Afternoon Tea at May Fair Kitchen

Hey Guys,

Happy Afternoon Tea Week!

Can you believe I have gone 26 years on this planet without realising Afternoon Tea Week existed? Afternoon Tea, for me, is a special occasion, associated with birthdays, mother's days, spa days and boujee days ;)

I teamed up with Buy a Gift for this blog post as they sent me off to the gorgeous May Fair Kitchen in London to enjoy the incredible "Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Afternoon Tea for Two"...

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Afternoon Tea for Two

Selection of sandwiches
Chocolate scones
Flourless chocolate and orange cake
Doughnuts with chocolate sauce
Tiramisu with chocolate shavings
Charbonnel et Walker truffles
A range of coffees and loose leaf tea

We were even able to mix and match with the finger sandwiches to create our perfect selection! The chef also prepared some special vegetarian savoury treats for my guest.

I don't know about you, but my favourite element of an Afternoon Tea are the sweet treats! May Fair Kitchen do not hold back when it comes to all the lovely chocolate inspired treats! From the delicious truffles to the donuts with dipping sauce, this was a highly indulgent experience. Look how satisfying...

Thank you so much to Buy a Gift for this amazing treat! From the wonderful service, friendly staff and incredible latte's, we had an amazing afternoon at Mair Fair Kitchen and I can't wait to revisit.

If you've gotten this far, you're probably craving some chocolatey treats of your own! Well Buy a Gift are currently running a promotion to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week:

Use code TEAWEEK for 20% off Afternoon Teas.
Valid from Mon 13th August 2018 to Sun 19th August 2018 (midnight).

Treat yourself or a loved one to a delicious experience that will leave you floating off on a chocolate flavoured cloud!

Eb x

Images of Eboni by Rum Freeman

Instagrammable England with KIA Motors!

Hey Guys,

Us bloggers are always after the prettiest backdrops and activities to create an epic Instagram theme. I love discovering new places, popular places and unusual places to fill my own feed and inspire like-minded travellers and Instagrammers. 
So far this year, I have created this Instagram Guide to LA blog post and a fun Instagram guide to New York YouTube video. I love creating these posts and sharing them. 
This month I teamed up with Kia Motors for an epic road-trip adventure! They challenged me to find some of the best Instagram spots just a short drive from London. So my friends and I jumped in our newly borrowed Kia Stonic and head out on our mission!...

Let's Talk About Catcalling.

Hey Guys,

I recently experienced a day like no other. Catcalling is something I believe a lot of women experience on a day to day basis. I am generally a fairly secure, street-smart, wise Londoner who knows how to handle myself in certain uncomfortable or intimidating situations. However a recent event (or entire day as it so happens) led me to feeling as if I had lost the control I once had. I felt extremely angry and frustrated, leading to this recent Instagram post on my personal account:

An Instagram Guide to Los Angeles

Hey Guys,

I recently got back from sunny stateside. Myself and my close friend Shermin explored both coasts, through the cities of LA, Las Vegas, San Fransisco and New York. Not only did I document the entire trip through vlogs on my YouTube channel, but I also made sure to snap lots of beautiful pictures to fill up my Instagram feed!

This blog post will take you on a virtual Instagram tour of LA. I will show you some of my favourite spots alongside the posts from my Instagram!

My Top 10 Favourite Scents

Hey Guys,

OK, so this post is probably going to make it to my top 5 weirdest blog posts... ok, top 3. However, for those of you who, like me, fall within the small percentage of the population who have super sensitive nasal passages, you will love this post. We're going to be talking all things smelly, from carpet stores, swimming pools and deodorant for men!

My Athleisure Style

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I last had a London-based shoot for my blog. After traveling all over Italy in sunny dresses and shades, I was brought right back to earth when I arrived home to snowy London. I needed to revert back to my more practical wardrobe, let's say, which includes a whole lot of "comfy clothes" or "Athleisure-wear" as it's known in the FASHUN industry.

10 Reasons Why I Love To Travel

Hey Guys,

After recently arriving home from a beautiful trip to Italy and with another amazing month-long adventure in America coming up, I thought I would put together this list of the reasons I love to travel. 
Perhaps you love to travel too and this post will reaffirm your passion. Or maybe you are a little wary or afraid to head off on an adventure, I'd love to inspire you to head somewhere new!

Ohh La La, Skipping Around Paris!

Hey Guys,

Around this time last year, I released a blog post about the top 5 things I recommend to do and see in Rome. In this post, I mentioned a tour of the Vatican that I attended with The Roman Guy. It was an amazing tour, led by a great guide who did more than any automated museum ear-piece could. We were able to skip the queue and receive an in depth, insider experience of the Vatican with questions, answers and fun facts.
Well, the brilliant company behind this tour have just announced a new set of tours based in the heart of Paris! I love Paris a lot, but I have never had the pleasure of exploring with a guide. After reading about these amazing new tours, I have definitely added them to my next Parisian adventure "to-do list" (alongside riding on the back of a vespa and staying in that fancy hotel that overlooks the Eiffel Tower!)
I thought I would share some more about each tour incase you are planning your own Paris trip...

Casale Amati Country House, Italy

Hey Guys,

I can't believe it has been a year since I was last in Italy. Remember my blog post on Procida? Well a few weeks ago I returned to complete my annual job working as a drama workshop leader in schools. Once my job was over, I head a little more south towards Tuscany, where I had an incredible experience working with a beautiful hotel...

Winter to Spring - My Transitional Style

Winter to Spring can be the most exciting wardrobe change, if not the hardest. The weather is just as bad at making up it's mind as I am about choosing an outfit! Black or pink? Florals or faux fur? Are maxi dresses even possible in the cold? This can be a tricky time of year to navigate. But as each year passes, and I develop my own sense of style, I am finding little ways to incorporate the best of both worlds!


SpaSeekers #LoveYourself Event at Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel

Hey Guys, 

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful day filled with lots of love! Last year I created this special post "14 Things to do This Valentines Day". It was filled with lot's of fun ways to treat yourself on Valentines day (aimed specifically at us single gals). Well, this year I find myself single on V.Day yet again... No surprises there! Anyway, instead of boo-hooing into my sugar puffs, I am revelling in all the positives of being a single pringle (- and there are lots!) 

Soul in the Van | The Vault Festival, Waterloo

This week I had the pleasure of being led into the back of a van, being told to sit in the pitch black dark, whilst being serenaded by the sweet dulcet tones and lyrical genius of a man named Phil.

It was great.

No, this is not my optimistic tale of kidnap, this literally happened. The annual Vault Festival in London's Waterloo tends to be the home for some extremely interesting shows. From "Neverland", an immersive musical, to "Soul in the Van". 

The intimate fifteen minute performance is extremely simple in its premise, but by the second song I found myself lost in a world of love and heartache where I was able to easily empathise and relate to leading man, Phil. 
Phil's quick-witted lyrical humour toes the line between the heavy, passion-filled soul genre and a little more acoustic indie-pop (think Scouting for Girls meets Lily Allen with their alluringly charming accents)
I'd highly recommend this unique experience. If you are someone who enjoys great, original music and intimate performances that feel more like friend's hanging out, then this show is for you! 

If you are in London over the next couple of months and fancy seeing some new, affordable theatre, head over to The Vault Festival and create your own timetable of shows. There are loads to choose from and most range between 15 minutes to an hour.

Eb x

Saying F You to Beauty Standards

The Power of Putting Down the Straighteners

I've been feeling pretty powerful after this shoot yesterday.  I spent years and years (26 to be precise) damaging and abusing and hating my curly hair. I spent my evenings as a child, on the floor between my mum’s legs as she tried endlessly to create a style I felt happy with. Hot combs, chemical relaxers, we tried them all. I’d go to school where I was bullied for my “frizzy” hair. I’d see all the other girl’s at school and on tv with their beautiful “swishy” Pantene, L'Oreal “you’re worth it” hair. I was so envious. 

The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep

"You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.”

I recently attended a press day hosted by Benson's for Beds and Harvey's. I wondered around the showroom, glancing lovingly at all the beautiful furniture, wishing I had a big house to fill with it all! After admiring all the luxe sofas and chairs in the Living Room set up, I head into the 'Bedroom' to have a talk about my sleeping habits with a sleep specialist.

We had a really interesting conversation about different sleeping patterns and I found out there are four types of sleep habit:

Owl - finds it hard to get to sleep / stays up late at night
Lark - wakes up too early and can’t get back to sleep / enjoys being an early riser
Squirrel - loves sleep and sleeps a lot (normal / good sleep)
Fox - light sleeper, wakes up a lot at night, finds it hard to sleep all night without waking up, sleeping patterns generally chaotic

Which type are you?

I was, of course, a night owl! Having an evening job that gets me home around 11pm, I often find it hard to get to sleep before 1am as it takes me a few hours to unwind. I always knew this wasn't great, but I wondered how it might affect me in the long term.

There are loads of factors to a great night's sleep - from actually getting a decent amount of hours shut-eye, switching off all tech before sleep, to choosing the right pillows and mattress for the ultimate relaxation. I am pretty sure I would score 0/100 in all of those! I probably get around 6-7 hours of sleep in a good night, I watch YouTube video in order to fall asleep and I have a second hand mattress I bought off eBay when starting uni which I never got round to replacing!

I wonder how many people can relate to my own situation - spening little time and little money on their sleep?

All this got me thinking and with the very generous gift voucher from the press event, I have invested in my first ever mattress! Woo! It took me long enough, but I am so excited about making some steps towards a healthier sleep that will benefit me loads in the long run!

I went for the "Quartz" mattress which has features such as an open coil spring system , upholstery with generous layers of mixed fillings and fresh white Belgian damask cover with deep quilted cushioning for added comfort!

I am hoping to see some small changes in the quality of my sleep. As a (nearly) fully-functioning adult, I am starting to invest my money wisely and live by the wise words of John Wildsmith:

"You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” 

Eb x 

The Perfect Manicure at Polished Dulwich

Hey Guys,

Now, manicures aren't something I tend to do very often, but that might need to change after experiencing the perfect manicure at Polished DulwichI wrote about my last experience at Polished, where I had the pleasure of experiencing a mani-pedi combo. This time I was back for the gel manicure...

I love visiting Polished, on its cosy residential street which connects Herne Hill with East Dulwich. The decor is ultra girly-chic, the perfect hang-out for nails and a natter. Pink and pastels are the staple colour palette in this salon, which is probably what inspired my choice of nail colour...

Gel Polish Manicure

"A Classic Pedicure with a Gel Polish guaranteed to last for two weeks without dulling, chipping or smudging."

Gel manicures can be extremely useful during the colder months, for my nails especially! I find they split and crack until I am left with a hand of stubby, broken tips.
Not only can they be a great protection from the cold, but they last up to two weeks (when maintained well) so give the impression of having your shiz together, without having to literally have your shiz together; it's brilliant! Here I am typing away on a Sunday evening, chocolate wrappers to my rights, hair a frizzy mess, candles burning to cover the smell of my shower-less body, BUT my nails - my nails look amazing! 

I went for classic pink-nude shade inspired by the decor. I was able to choose from a range of Gelish paints. "She's My Beauty" was perfect with "My Jewels Keep Me Warm as a feature nail for my ring fingers.
Sindy expertly applied my manicure using a UV lamp to cure the gel in place. I even got a dreamy hand massage at the end which was honestly the best part!

What do you think?

Thank you to Michelle and Sindy for inviting me back and for my amazing manicure!

Eb x